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Traits of Quality Marijuana Buds

Have you ever bought subpar marijuana? You must’ve felt cheated. There’s a megaton of low-quality marijuana circulating, third-rate brick weed smuggled from Mexico, and I’m sure you want to stay away from that.

Every marijuana user wants quality buds with colorful hairs, potent buds, so that the hits are powerful, enhancing quick effects onset.

If you’re a novice marijuana user, it can be somewhat difficult to recognize low-quality buds, because you don’t know what to look for.

With experience, it becomes easy to identify super-healthy nugs.

In this post, we reveal what you need to look for in marijuana buds to tell whether they are high quality nugs or some low-quality bungle weed.

Do They (Marijuana Buds) Have a Pungent Smell?

If you have a bag that is filled with super-healthy nugs, the pungent aroma should pierce through the bag and waft into your nostrils.

There is no standard marijuana smell, but depending on the strain, the smell can be earthy, grassy, and nutty, with a dash of fruity flavors reminiscent of lemons, berries, and oranges.

Ancient, low-quality marijuana buds usually come with a bland and dull smell, and such weed will have you sneaking out deadly farts.

The reason why marijuana emits a strong scent is down to terpenes, and they are not any different than the terpenes that occur in other flowering plants.

And the more you get experienced the easier it will become for you to pick up the smell of quality nugs.

Do the Marijuana Buds Have a Green Hue?

If you come across yellow marijuana buds, or rusty red, or brown, these are signs of low-quality marijuana.

Fresh marijuana buds taken from healthy plants should have a greenish hue, but depending on the strain, it is not uncommon to have streaks of blue, purple, and pink.

Oh, and if you come across bleached marijuana, it can mean that the plant was subjected to excessive high-density lighting, and these types of buds hardly produce quality smoke.

Brown or yellow marijuana buds usually have a tough consistency and commonly appear dry, and apart from the likelihood that they are ancient, it could also be a sign that they contain harmful chemicals.

Avoid marijuana buds with a brown or yellow color, and go for marijuana buds with a green hue to them.

What is the Bud Structure Like?

Understanding the anatomy of a marijuana plant can be essential in telling apart healthy marijuana buds from low-quality marijuana buds.

But more importantly, you need to master the structure of a bud, so that you can tell the quality of a bud by examining its structure.

On the whole, indica buds have a compact look, whereas sativa buds have a feathery appearance.

Bud structure can change depending on different factors, but it’s mostly influenced by the type of strain, and the method of growing.

Generally, avoid dented, loose, open-stemmed buds, and go for the tight and dense buds.

Are the Cannabis Buds Trimmed?

Trimming is the process of eliminating the leaves overlapping the bud, and this process increases the quality of the bud.

Generally, it is considered that hand trimming your marijuana buds, rather than using a machine, makes for significantly higher quality buds.

When you hand trim the buds, you cannot possibly degrade marijuana flowers as machines do, and it helps you obtain precisely the shape you wanted.

If machines are used to trim marijuana buds, you will notice that the buds are mangled, which can affect the quality of the bud.

Trimmed marijuana buds are considered high quality because of the following:

  • They have a better appearance
  • They have an enhanced aroma
  • The smoke is far smoother
  • They have a high cannabinoid concentration

Well-trimmed marijuana buds not only have a nice shape and high THC levels but they also discourage mold formation.

Do the Marijuana Buds Have Plenty of Trichomes?

Trichomes come in three varieties: bulbous, capitate-sessile, and capitate-stalked. The capitate-stalked trichomes are what marijuana users are concerned about.

Trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are at, and so, the more trichomes that marijuana buds have, the greater the potency.

Every marijuana grower is looking to cultivate marijuana buds with a high concentration of trichomes because they know that buyers will always check out the trichomes.

Superior marijuana buds are always engulfed in crystal-like trichomes, whereas low-quality marijuana buds have an insufficient network of trichomes.

Apart from holding cannabinoids, trichomes are also essential in deterring insects and animals from damaging the marijuana plant.

Are the Marijuana Buds Derived from a Female Plant?

Superior marijuana buds only ever come from female plants, not male plants, or hermaphrodite plants.

Every grower is looking to produce marijuana plants with thick buds and conspicuous flower because it makes for high potency.

Always go for female plants as opposed to male or hermaphroditic plants. If you buy marijuana in a dispensary, the budtender can point out what you are looking for.

Are the Marijuana Buds Affected by Mold or Pest?

No one ever wants to consume something plagued by mold and pest, because the experience would be underwhelming, and also pose serious health risks.

Depending on where the marijuana was grown, the type of strain, and the handling of the marijuana buds, it can lead to mold formation or pest attack.

If you see creamy fungus or fuzzy mold forming atop the marijuana buds, you already know what time it is, breh.

If a marijuana plant had a terrible past, it will reflect in the quality of its buds; if the pests and insects had feasted on the plant, the buds are usually dented.

Pests and insects not only chew at the buds but also deposit fecal matter, and so, once you notice pest activity on marijuana buds, you have to pass on that.

Are they Fairly Priced?

When we talk about the quality of something, money is such an important factor it cannot be left out of the equation. Know what I mean?

Yep, the marijuana buds might be superior nugs, potently scented, with uniquely-colored hairs, but what if they are too highly-priced?

Don’t give such dispensaries the confidence to carry on their exploitative tendencies, but you have to look for some other marijuana seller, and thanks to the internet you have near-infinite options.