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Top CBD Dispensaries in the UK

CBD, also cannabidiol, is one of the diverse compounds found in cannabis varieties but is usually extracted from the hemp plant.

In the UK, the possession, sale, and consumption of CBD are 100% legal, as long as the CBD product doesn’t contain more than 0.2% THC.

One of the major traits of CBD is that it has no psychoactive properties; in other words, it wouldn’t cause you to experience a high.

CBD products come in numerous formats and can be ingested in numerous ways, which forms part of the reason why CBD is a popular supplement.

As a CBD consumer, you want to buy high-quality products. In this post, we highlight some of the best CBD companies in different cities across the UK that are reputed to offer superior products and services.

Top CBD Dispensaries in London

1. Green House CBD Specialists

2. Cannaray CBD

3. Canniant

4. Camden Town CBD

5. Dragonfly CBD

Top CBD Dispensaries in Liverpool

1. Swiss Peak CBD

2. Cannabi4Health

3. Dr Heal Good (CBD)

4. Central Valley CBD

5. CBD World Online

Top CBD Dispensaries in Manchester

1. Inspired Life CBD

2. Cannubu

3. Sarah’s CBD 

4. dozeCBD

5. Health CBD

6. Hemp Oils Uk Ltd

7. Mission C

Top CBD Dispensaries in Bristol

1. Bristol CBD

2. Only Green

3. High Life

4. Trailblazer CBD Shop and Cafe

5. Lotus Hemp

Top CBD Dispensaries in Newcastle upon Tyne

1. Garden of Healing Dispensary

2. Hemp Nation

3. Calicannacartel

4. Nordic Oil Ltd

5. Virtue CBD & Hemp Shop

Top CBD Dispensaries in Nottingham

1. Leonardo’s CBD Lounge

2. CBD Oil Gaia Pure Organics

3. Eco-CBD

4. Hempfinity

5. Little London Herbal Store

Top CBD Dispensaries in Leicester

1. The CBD Plug Leicester

2. CBD Flowers & CBD Buds

3. CBD Oil Supplies UK Ltd

4. Leaf CBD Products

5. The hemp shack


7. Health Shelf

Top CBD Dispensaries in Leeds

1. Hemp Well Leeds

2. CBDology

3. Hemp Harvesters


5. Aire CBD

Top CBD Dispensaries in Aberdeen

1. CBD Deliver

2. CBD Land

3. Wee Hemp

4. Nature’s Larder

5. Lloyds Pharmacy

Top CBD Dispensaries in Birmingham

1. Just Hemp CBD

2. Genuine CBD Oil

3. ProLife CBD

4. Arrkaz CBD

5. Pure Health CBD Oil

Top CBD Dispensaries in Bath

1. British CBD Company

2. Goodbody Wellness CBD

3. UK Hemp Network

4. Well Zone CBD

Top CBD Dispensaries in Blackburn

1. Dr. Hemp

2. Nature’s Blends

3. Kaneh-B

4. Vaping2Go

5. Apollo CBD

Top CBD Dispensaries in Blackpool

1. Fusion CBD

2. Mediplant

3. Boots Pharmacy

Top CBD Dispensaries in Bolton

1. The Hemp & Liquid

2. Pool Green Holistics

Top CBD Dispensaries in Bognor Regis

1. Ideal CBD

2. Hemporium CBD