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Top Cannabis Companies in the UK

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The UK is one of the countries with progressive cannabis laws. Many people in the UK recognize the amazing benefits of cannabis and are shifting from OTC drugs to cannabis for managing certain health issues like pain and anxiety. But to be able to buy quality cannabis products, there needs to be quality cannabis companies. In this post, we highlight top CBD and cannabis companies that sell quality cannabis products in the UK.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks in the UK

1. BudChampion

2. Hempology Seedbank

3. Cannabis Seeds Store

4. Pick And Mix Cannabis Seeds

5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

6. The British Seed Company

7. Essential Seeds

8. GrowHigh Head Shop & Cannabis Seeds Bank

9. Indica-Seedbank

10. SeedBank UK Headshop

Top 10 CBD Oil Companies in the UK

1. CBD Queen

2. Goodrays

3. Hemp Botanics

4. Green Machine CBD


6. Camden Town CBD

7. Walts Wellness CBD & Hemp Boutique

8. Green House CBD Specialists

9. Weedzy

10. National Hemp Service – CBD Shop & Cafe

Top 10 Marijuana Companies in the UK

1. Curaleaf Pharmacy



4. Cannabis Pharm UK

5. British Cannabis

6. UK Skunk Works

7. 420-Poppers

8. Hub 420

9. Royal Weed Dispensary

10. UK 420 Club

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in the UK

Top 10 Online Head Shops in the UK

1. ICE Headshop – UK’s #No1 CBD & Seeds Store

2. Little Headshop

3. The Dragon Headshop

4. UK Headshop

5. Broadway Headshop

6. GrowHigh Head Shop & Cannabis Seeds Bank

7. Headshop King

8. Smokers Choice UK

9. The Grape Ape Headshop

10. Happy Daze Headshop

Top 10 CBD Manufacturers in the UK

1. CBD Embrace – CBD Manufacturer UK & Europe

2. 1CBD the UK

3. All About CBD

4. CBD Guru

5. CBD Manufacturer

6. Canna Solutions

7. CBD Leafline

8. The CBD Group

9. Cannafull – Clever Cannabis Cosmetics

10. Nordic CBD Company

Top 10 CBD Vape Stores in the UK

1. CBD Vape 4 U

2. UK Ecig Store

3. UK CBD Store

4. Hemp and Vape

5. Vape UK

6. Evapo

7. Vapor Shop Direct CBD

8. Vape Store

9. Ever Tree

10. Flawless CBD

Top 10 CBD Flower Companies in the UK

1. The CBD Flower Shop

2. G City CBD

3. dozeCBD

4. CBD Bud Shop UK

5. The Good Budz

6. CBD Hemp Shop

7. Otherside

8. Clever Botanics

9. Graded Green CBD

10. Green House CBD Specialists

Top 10 CBD Marketing Agencies in the UK

1. The C Word

2. Dijitul

3. Click Intelligence

4. Omni Digital Marketing

5. MPower Agency

6. Greens Canna Care

7. CBD Guide the UK

8. Wecann

9. Pearl Lemon

10. The Hemp Hound Agency

Top 10 CBD Blogs in the UK

1. for the Ageless

2. CBD Queen Blog

3. CBD Sloth

4. CBD Village

5. Brown’s CBD Blog

6. CBD One Blog

7. CBD Ultra UK Blog

8. The Extract

9. British CBD Blog

10. Leafie

The Takeaway: Top UK Cannabis Companies

The UK is one of the world’s biggest exporters of cannabis. CBD is legal in the UK, and they are working on legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient, or you use CBD products for wellness, there are more than enough establishments in the UK to fulfill your needs. In this post, we have shown you various CBD and marijuana companies that offer quality cannabis products.

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