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Top Cannabis Companies in South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries with progressive cannabis laws. CBD is legal in South Africa, and so is marijuana, although public consumption of marijuana is still prohibited. There’s a large market for cannabis in South Africa, and many CBD and marijuana companies are popping up. But all these companies are not on the same level; some are dishonest businesses. When buying cannabis products, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a well-reputed cannabis establishment. In this post, we highlight some of the top CBD and marijuana businesses in Mzansi.

Top 10 CBD Oil Companies in South Africa

1. Four Five CBD

2. Africanpure CBD

3. Rethink CBD

4. Cannabis Queen

5. The CBD Oil Company

6. Biomedcan CBD

7. Zootly

8. Elixinol SA

9. Canabliss CBD Store Cape Town

10. Goodleaf Cultivating Wellness

Top 9 Marijuana Companies in South Africa

1. 420 Monkeys

2. 420 Bliss SA

3. Hey Bud SA

4. Kush Kush

5. Just Cannabis

6. Cape Cannabis Club

7. Cannabliss Healing the World One Plant at a Time

8. RSAMMD: Republic Of South Africa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

9. Marijuana SA

Top 5 Cannabis Delivery Services in South Africa

1. Weedzy

2. WEEDeliver

3. CBD Store Delivery

4. MrW

5. Marijuana SA

Top 11 Online Head Shops in South Africa

1. African Smoke

2. Little Amsterdam Head Shop

3. SlowSmoke

4. The High Co

5. Pass The Dutch

6. Puff.Coza

7. Scent & Smoke

8. The Sticky Stem

9. i420CPT

10. Puff Puff Pass

11. Zootly

Top 5 CBD Manufacturers in South Africa

1. Cannalife

2. Cannamics

3. HempVest Africa

4. Natural Therapy South Africa

5. CBD Oil Solutions

Top 10 CBD Vape Stores in South Africa


2. Vape King

3. Vape Cartel

4. Downtown Vapoury

5. The Vapery

6. Atomize


8. Juicy Joes Vape Store

9. evolutionvape

10. Custom Cloudz

Top 10 CBD Seeds Companies in South Africa

1. overgrow

2. Cannabist

3. groen seeds


5. G420 Seed Shop


7. Biltong and Budz

8. Sacred Seeds

9. Canuk Seeds


Top 5 CBD Flower Companies in South Africa

1. CBDCafe

2. Cannaporium

3. Simple Seed

4. Cannibisters


Top 10 CBD Marketing Agencies in South Africa

1. CBD Marketing

2. Medicated Marketing

3. BlueMagnet

4. Hypedigital

5. SEO pros

6. Ruby Digital

7. Blue Cabin SEO

8. CubicIce

9. TechTSS

10. BrandSeed

Top 10 CBD Blogs in South Africa

1. fourfive Blog

2. africanpure Blog

3. Fields of Green for All

4. Cape Cannabis Club

5. The Silver Leaf

The Takeaway: Top Cannabis Companies South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries with cannabis freedom. Their CBD and marijuana economies aren’t just making people refreshed, anxiety-free, and happy, but they are also helping with creating job opportunities, economic growth, and tax income. Whether you are a consumer of marijuana or CBD in South Africa, you want to get quality products. In this post, we have listed some of the top cannabis companies in South Africa.

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