Top 50 Profitable Marijuana Business Ideas

The marijuana market is a billion-dollar juggernaut. The numbers of medical marijuana patients are looking up and marijuana will soon be decriminalized under federal law.

These statements indicate we have a perfect business opportunity here.

As someone who’s looking to take advantage of the cannabis boom to make some money, there’s almost no limit to the businesses you could start.

We have done the research and we present some of the business ideas that would flourish in the marijuana markets.

1. Law firm

In the world of marijuana, there’s a lot of dispute going on. You may start a cannabis-centric law firm so that cannabis business owners treat you as an ally.

2. Dispensary

With millions of cannabis enthusiasts roaming the country, you only have to set up shop and they will troop in to buy marijuana. Starting a cannabis dispensary can be done even if you have a limited budget. Ensure you get the location right and hire great budtenders.

3. Sell cannabis smoking accessories and tools

The marijuana industry is not supported by flower alone. Many other side economies play a major role. Cannabis users are looking for accessories and tools to improve their smoking experience. Some of the common accessories and tools include bongs, pipes, odor removers, grinders, stash bags, torches, batteries, etc.

4. Cannabis amenity

Bars and nightclubs are safe-spaces for alcoholics. Its high time cannabis users had their own safe space. You can start a cannabis club that welcomes cannabis users. You can sell both flower and accessories to the patrons and offer other forms of entertainment.

5. Cannabis apparel

Most people like being part of something bigger than themselves. If someone really likes marijuana, they are not opposed to showing the world. And so, you can make cannabis apparel and sell to enthusiasts. The only thing, be creative with them captions.

6. Cooking sessions

Cannabis can be used to whip up great meals. Some people want to be experts in preparing such dishes. And so, you can set up an institution that teaches people all about marijuana for cooking.

7. Cannabis restaurant

You know how there are vegan restaurants? That’s the idea. You can start a restaurant that caters to cannabis enthusiasts where they enjoy marijuana-infused meals and edibles. Of course, you have to put a lot of thought into location and marketing to be successful.

8. Art community

Unsurprisingly, cannabis promotes creativity, and you’ll find most cannabis enthusiasts have a soft spot for art. You can start an art-centric facility that is friendly to marijuana users. You could style it as a platform to showcase talent and network with like minds.

9. Beauty shop

When most people think of starting a cannabis shop, they think of marijuana flower. But there are many other niches you can tap into. For instance, you can start a beauty shop, selling marijuana-infused facial creams, nail polish, ointments, bath bombs, etc.

10. Agency

Many people are looking to start a marijuana business, but they feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information. They can’t seem to figure out how to go about it. You may start an agency to offer business consultation services to newbies.

11. Accessories for grow facilities

Cannabis growers require various products to set up a grow facility. Some of these complementary products include grow lighting, humidifiers, security tools, soils, and energy systems. If you stock up on these products you’d attract cannabis growers.

12. Cannabis B&B

You’ll find that many hotels and lodging facilities prohibit marijuana use. But you can start an accommodation facility where marijuana users can stay overnight and get breakfast. You need to market your facility aggressively to ensure a steady stream of guests.

13. Social media marketing

A few years back, it was a bit difficult for marijuana businesses to run marketing campaigns of social media, but things are cool at present. People can promote cannabis businesses on Facebook with no worries. As a social media marketer, cannabis businesses would rely on you to increase their social media conversions.

14. Health consultant

Millions of Americans use marijuana to manage health problems like depression, substance addiction, PTSD, and chronic pain. You may start an agency that helps people understand how marijuana can help them overcome their health problems.

15. Website

You may a cannabis-centric website and model it after an information hub or just sell products. If you don’t have a big marketing budget, you will have to be a little more patient before you start making money.

16. Cannabis application

Apps are all the rage these days. You can develop an application that helps users e.g. find the nearest dispensary or furnishes them with the latest canna-news. However, you have to keep innovating to ensure your customers won’t leave for your competition.

17. Marijuana strain specialist

New marijuana strains are getting bred by the day. You can become a specialist who reviews these strains and broadcasts their potency and terpene profiles. This would raise your profile into some sort of cannabis thought leader.

18. Cannabis podcast

Cannabis enthusiasts would consume your content. You just have to bring on amazing guests and talk about cool subjects. Starting a cannabis podcast costs almost next to nothing, but if you attract a wide audience, you can make extreme profits.

19. Write books

We are in the age of information, and books are so in. You only have to have the right angle. For instance, you can write a book aimed at growers, investors, and enthusiasts. Make sure that your book is well-researched and expertly-written.

20. Cannabis bash

Going to work from Monday to Friday leaves most people exhausted. Cannabis users wouldn’t be opposed to attending cannabis-themed parties Friday night. If you are good at planning events, you can make some good money out of throwing such parties.

21. Manufacturing firm

Every store-bought cannabis product has been processed. You can start a manufacturing company and make cannabis products. This venture can be expensive if you manufacture wide-ranging products as opposed to niche products.

22. Marijuana delivery

Online orders have to be fulfilled. You can be that person. Just liaise with marijuana companies with an online presence to deliver the orders to their customers. You have to be very reliable and honest to stay in business otherwise customers are gonna rate you poorly.

23. Marijuana florist

The flower business silently makes a ton of money. If you are good with them flowers, you can make them marijuana florals, and people will buy them for gifts or decoration. Also, keep innovating, not rehashing the same old tired shit.

24. Cannabis influencer

Social media networks have given rise to these people known as influencers. They have a following and their followers heed to their word. If you have a cannabis-centric following, you can fashion yourself into an influencer, so that companies pay you to introduce their products to your audience.

25. Storage

Poorly-stored marijuana flower can quickly become stale. You may create airtight storage jars to keep the flower fresh, contain the scent, and make it inaccessible to kids. You have to be super-innovative to come up with storage jars better than what is available at present.

26. Meditation

This ancient practice is necessary for physical health and spiritual enlightenment. You can start a meditation club where cannabis is part of the ritual.

27. Homemade cannabis edibles

So, are you good at fixing marijuana edibles, but you don’t have the capital to start a shop or restaurant? Just put up a Facebook page, and people will contact you for edibles. You can prepare them at home and hire someone to deliver them or do it in person.

28. Become an investor

Many cannabis companies have gone public, and you can buy stocks and wait for them to appreciate to make good money. Considering that marijuana is going to be legalized soon, now is the perfect time to buy (and hold) shares in promising companies.

29. Cannabis seed business

Marijuana growers are looking for the best strains. You may start a cannabis seed bank, where you offer quality strains.

30. Marijuana broker

You may become a broker who connects buyers with sellers and takes a percentage after the deal is sealed. To be successful in this line of work, you have to have a large network.

31. Start cannabis social media

Facebook is the father of social media, but there are many other networks modeled on Facebook but cater to specific niches, networks like VKontakte, OdnoKlassnikki, Moi Mir, and Weibo. And so, you may start a social media network for cannabis users.

32. Start a cannabis tours firm

If you live in a city with attractive sites, you may start a tour company that caters to marijuana users. You can also make stops at dispensaries and cannabis farms.

33. Marijuana subscription box

Have people sign up to receive an assortment of cannabis-related products at the start of each month. Subscription boxes are profitable, but you need to carry on innovating, and testing new ideas.

34. Venture capitalist

For some odd reason, the world of venture capitalism is not very friendly to marijuana businesses. Many incredible start-ups lack the funds to scale their operations. You can fund these businesses, give loans, or even buy them out.

35. Marijuana research firm

The government tends to discourage research on marijuana with its ambiguous policies, but you can start a research firm and start pushing the limits on what we know about cannabis.

36. Grow facility

With all the manufacturing firms and dispensaries popping up, it can only mean one thing: there’s a great demand for the raw material. And so, you may start your facility to produce quality marijuana flower and sell it off to these manufacturing firms. Whether you intend to do indoor or outdoor farming, ensure that you get the basics right, so that you may create a successful grow facility.

37. Cannabis packaging

You can come up with innovative packaging for canna-businesses.

38. Cannabis courses

You can start an institution that offers cannabis-related courses.

39. Designer

You can start a business that customizes items with canna-designs. You can customize e.g. watches, umbrellas, and shoes.

40. Extraction

Some companies don’t have the resources for extracting cannabinoids from hemp or marijuana plant. You can offer this service.

41. Job agency

You can start an agency that aggregates jobs in the canna-industry. The cannabis market is considered a leading creator of jobs.

42. Cannabis vlog

If you are an adventurous person, you can start a vlog and center it on marijuana.

43. Cannabis documentaries

The history of cannabis is storied. You can start a docu-series to showcase the progress we have made so far.

44. Marijuana radio

Come up with great programs and launch a radio that targets cannabis enthusiasts.

45. Cannabis writer

With all these cannabis companies coming up, there is a huge demand for content writers. This can be a great gig if you are in college or out of a job. But ensure you have top skills.

46. Photographer

Do you have a good camera? Take awesome canna-related pictures and sell them.

47. Gym

Smoking marijuana can be helpful when you exercising; Dan Bilzerian knows this. But it’s not like you would do that in the gym. So, you can start a gym for cannabis enthusiasts where smoking is allowed.

48. Licensed distributor

It involves supplying businesses with quality cannabis. In this era, you don’t have to drive around pitching services; you can Google businesses and send emails.

49. Cannabis cooperative

Start a professional body that caters to member welfare.

50. Transportation service

Big manufactures require massive amounts of raw material. You can start a transportation service for shipping marijuana and hemp plants from the plantation to the factory.

Starting a marijuana business is a lot like starting any business; you have to plan, take calculated risks, and be patient.

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