Top 5 Indica Strains for Increasing Focus

It’s difficult to achieve your important life goals unless you are focused, and being focused means that you spend most of your time working to meet your goals.

Being focused means sticking to a task until you reach your milestone. Distractions will always be there, but you are supposed to surmount them.

According to Harvard scientists, focused people are way happier than those who have an amorphous lifestyle.

The more focused a person is, the higher their likelihood of achieving desired results, overcoming hurdles, and making more money.

Focus is a skill, and anyone can train themselves to be more focused to achieve their important life goals.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Be intentional
  • Come up with a schedule
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Work in your ideal space
  • Develop more self-awareness
  • Take breaks
  • Resist procrastination
  • Eat healthy foods

You can also supplement your efforts with marijuana. Yes, marijuana can help you shun the distractions and put your mind into the work before you.

Top Marijuana Strains for Boosting Focus

The following indica strains have been proven awesome in promoting blood flow in the brain, and by extension, increasing focus.

1. God’s Gift

For something to be christened “God’s Gift” it has to be extraordinary. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. Its buds are feathery and colorful. The film of trichomes holds high quantities of THC. This strain originated in California but it is popular around the world. The smoke is made up of fruity flavors and it leaves a citrusy aftertaste. This strain takes around two months to begin flowering.

2. Purple Urkle

This strain is native to California too. It is descended from Mendocino Purps and an unnamed hybrid strain. It produces a zesty flavor with hints of berry. The effects usually start slowly and build up into a strong high. It can be perfect for putting your mind into one subject especially if the assignment is massive. However, you want to have a full stomach before you partake of the Purple Urkle.

3. Berry White

This marijuana strain is a cross between White Widow and Blueberry. The strain comes with a slightly pungent aroma and a pinecone flavor. The buds are usually chunky, blue-colored, and have orange pistils. If you are stressed or crippled by anxiety, it can be difficult to perform any work, but Berry White would give you the push that you need to carry on. This strain can sometimes lead someone into experiencing euphoric feelings.

4. Hindu Kush

This strain is native to the mountain ranges between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This 100% indica strain has a rigid defense against mold and disease partly because of its native harsh conditions. With chunky buds and dense trichomes, this strain is packed with THC. It sends up a nutty and fruity aroma, leaves a pleasant aftertaste, and is great for stimulating the brain. The strain is also perfect for managing pain and stress disorders.

5. Afghani

As the name suggests, this strain is native to Afghanistan. This landrace strain sends up a pungent aroma, derived from its unique terpene profile. Breeders love Afghani because of its capability to produce heavy resin. This marijuana strain produces powerful effects and can help you stay focused on the task at hand. It can also help manage stress, pain, and inflammation.

Increasing Focus with Marijuana

Whether you have an assignment due and are running late or have a new business, you have to focus on achieving your objectives.

You can concentrate on a task only for so long, cause you’d easily run out of energy, but then marijuana gives you that push.

Does that mean that marijuana will turn you into an indomitable mental warrior that cannot succumb to any distraction? By no means!

However, marijuana will certainly help you go the extra mile, help you to empty yourself to achieve your important goals.

The above marijuana strains are powerful in helping people level up their focus.