In the days of long ago, erectile dysfunction used to be an old man’s disease, but nowadays, even men in their 20s and 30s are popping pills.

As a man, your libido hits the peak in your 20s and 30s but then starts to wane in your 40s. Of course, things like your lifestyle can determine how worse off you are.

If a few minutes of sex leave you panting like a wounded gorilla, it can hurt your ego. Every man wants to be able to satisfy their partner.

But we are surrounded by so many traps that ensnare us and keep us from being the bedroom warriors we always wanted to be.

It could be that you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you have an illness that has made you inactive, old age is catching up, or your genetics are garbage.

These issues usually cause low libido and erectile dysfunction, and they will inevitably put some insecure thoughts in your head.

When you first realize that you have this problem, you Google solutions, and probably come across experts who advise you to eat carrots, fish, bananas, bla bla bla.

We don’t discount the importance of these remedies, but we cannot help but wonder whether there’s another, much less talked about, remedy.

Top Marijuana Strains for Enhancing Male Virility

Marijuana is proven to have aphrodisiac properties, specifically by promoting blood circulation, thus increasing your stamina.

The following indica strains are the best in stimulating male virility:

1. Death Star

This strain is descended from Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. In the Star Wars franchise, the death star is a big-ass space station that can obliterate a planet. Now, this marijuana strain was christened “death star” for its unusually powerful effects. It sends up a pungent aroma, with a citrusy hint, and its effects are usually slow in coming. With this strain, expect to unpack a lot of passion in your sexcapedes.

2. Obama Kush

This strain is also called Obama OG, or Obama OG Kush. When President Obama ran for office, he represented the idea of change, and convinced Americans he’d take them to new heights. He was charismatic, poised, and yet beneath that calm exterior was a mafia don. The marijuana strain named “Obama Kush” shares a personality with the former president of the US. It produces fruity flavors and sweet aromas but delivers rapid changes.

3. Super Skunk

The indica-dominant Super Skunk is an offspring of Skunk #1 and Afghani. Developed in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds, this strain has a pungent aroma, and a spicy flavor, and delivers bomb-like effects. Its chunky buds are coated with a white film of trichomes that indicate high THC levels. This strain commands a following in all the corners of the wind. It will certainly bring out the dragon in you during sex.

4. Blueberry Kush

The Blueberry Kush is native to Oregon. It is one of those super-potent strains that enable you to tap into your superpowers. This strain was developed by breeding OG Kush with Blueberry. When you take in the smooth and dense smoke of Blueberry Kush, you get to savor its herbal flavor, and pine aroma. Blueberry Kush has won a few awards and more people are discovering it. This strain is also great for fighting insomnia.

5. Afghan Kush

Also known as Afghani Kush, this strain originates in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Breeders love this strain because it packs a lot of resin. This strain produces large buds with colorful hairs and resin that make for quality nuggets (aka fire). After a long day at work, and you come home to your horny wife, taking this strain would be like putting a jetpack on your balls before you grab her and go to town.

Increasing Male Virility with Marijuana

Studies show that men think about sex a lot more than women, but being unable to satisfy their partner can bruise their ego.

Low virility can either mean you have little stamina, or that your blood circulation is messy so that there’s not enough blood coasting down to your member.

With this condition, you become the one-minute-man, which can be frustrating for your partner.

Most men with this condition turn to blue pills hoping it will change their condition but sadly taking these pills is like jumping in a bottomless pit.

But using marijuana, the organic compounds work synergistically to improve blood circulation, fire up energy cells, and increase stamina.

You can’t go wrong with a blunt before the hump.