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Top 10 Sativa Strains for Managing Anorexia

Anorexia can be caused by biological or psychological factors, but for the most part, it’s caused by toxic western-culture ideals.

We live in a world that praises thinness, and although men and women can both feel the pressure, it’s typically women who bear the bigger burden of looking thin.

The poor thing starts skipping meals, dieting, fasting, working out religiously, and before long she looks rail-thin, like a person starving.

One of the fields where you are likely to find people with this condition is entertainment, and particularly, modeling and acting.

That thin appearance is designed to attract legions of fans who will worship the ground she walks on.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Anorexia is not limited to celebrities alone. So many people struggle with this condition, which is rooted in a negative self-image.

If you have anorexia, it’s not unusual for you to skip meals, eat a few foods that you consider safe, and frequently check yourself in the mirror.

The first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem (which is usually an uphill task). And you may choose different treatments.

Marijuana can be a powerful tool in accelerating your recovery from anorexia; it increases your appetite, enabling you to ingest sufficient food.

The following sativa strains are excellent in aiding your recovery from anorexia:

1. Tangie

The parents of this strain are California Orange and a Skunk strain. It has a clementine aroma and a citrusy flavor. This strain is highly potent, with THC levels as high as 22%. Its potency ensures rapid effects onset. This strain is usually resource-intensive and will boost your appetite for food. It was first bred in the Netherlands but it enjoys worldwide popularity.

2. Candyland

This strain usually has a nutty flavor, with a tinge of citrus and spice. It took the gold medal during the 2012 KushCon Event in Denver. The strain produces sticky buds with crystal-like trichomes and unique hairs. The plant produces a great yield whether it be cultivated indoors or outdoors, provided that the essentials are made available. Candyland is a result of breeding Granddaddy Purple with Bay Platinum Cookies.

3. White Buffalo

This marijuana strain is as hard to come by as the near-extinct white buffaloes. This strain descends from Romulan and a cross between Blackberry Kush and Bay 11. With 25% THC levels, this highly potent marijuana strain usually causes rapid effects. The buds are small and compact, with a greenish hue. The buds are somewhat sticky, and they produce a strong scent and a tinge of berry flavor.

4. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

This strain is native to Matanuska Valley, Alaska. It has a complex history, and its ancestry includes Afghani Landrace, Russian Ruderalis, and a mystery sativa strain native to North California. It’s one of the strains that produce a heavy yield. The buds are large. And this strain is highly potent, and when combusted, the flower produces a heavy smoke.

5. Purple Haze

When we see the term “Purple Haze” we remember the song by Jimmi Hendrix in the 60s. But this marijuana strain is a cross between Purple Thai and Haze. This strain has a feathery consistency and chunky buds. The sticky trichomes and its purplish appearance give it a somewhat exotic appearance. The strain is mildly potent.

6. Ghost Train Haze

It’s one of the marijuana strains with the highest potency. Rare Dankness created this strain by breeding Neville’s Wreck with Ghost OG. It has won a couple of awards and it’s noted for rapid effects onset. This strain is popular around the world as many people use it to manage various health problems. You can be sure that once you ingest this strain, it will increase your appetite and help you overcome anorexia.

7. Tropicana Cookies

This strain is a result of Tangie and Girl Scout Cookies. It’s typically sought during social engagements, and for managing various mental illnesses. With its unique terpenes, it produces fruity flavors, and the buds have a green and orange hue. This delicious marijuana strain will help you overcome your anorexia.

8. Clementine

This strain is acquired by breeding Lemon Skunk and Tangie. As the name suggests, you can tell that this strain produces some sweet flavors. It has won several awards and it enjoys worldwide popularity. This strain was first developed by Crockett Family Farms. Its impressively chunky buds produce a rich and dense smoke, and the aftertaste is great too. The Clementine strain is beautiful with its purple and orange pistils.

9. Sour Tangie

This strain was developed by popular marijuana breeders, DNA Genetics, by mixing East Coast Sour Diesel with Tangie. This strain can be exceptionally potent, with THC levels topping 30%. Depending on inherited traits, the buds can range from average to super-large, and the crystal-like trichomes add to the beauty. Apart from being excellent in managing anorexia, Sour Tangie is also great for managing depression.

10. Lemon Cake

It’s one of those strains that boost metabolism. It’s acquired by breeding the highly-potent Cheese with Lemon Skunk. Lemon Cake buds range from average to large, and they have a pleasant, greenish hue. This strain produces a mix of fruity and spicy flavors and it has a great aftertaste.

Overcoming Anorexia

The statistics around this condition aren’t looking good. For instance, one in five anorexia-related deaths is caused by suicide.

Anorexia is one of the most preventable health problems, and you only have to have some level of self-awareness, and take the initiative.

It’s not like there’s a pill that you can swallow to make this condition go away, but investing in therapy is a good place to start.

The above marijuana strains should help you overcome this condition. Marijuana helps by restoring normal hunger response, boosting metabolism, and increasing appetite.

But beyond using marijuana to restore normal (and healthy) eating habits, you also need to work on your self-image, so that you love yourself regardless of how you look outwardly.

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