Being creative is one of the unfair advantages a person can have. It means having an innate and unique ability to solve problems, overcome barriers, and achieve goals.

Creativity means that you have some next-level ideas and techniques, and can work alongside other people to achieve a common purpose.

Regardless of what you do, there’s always room for creativity, which is what makes the results infinitely much better.

And the idea that creativity belongs in the arts alone is incorrect. Successful scientists, engineers, medical doctors, and athletes, usually have a streak of creative genius.

Creativity is an inborn trait, but it works like muscles do, via practice. It’s also proven that marijuana can help stimulate creativity.

Marijuana stimulates the activity around the frontal lobe, and promotes blood flow in the brain, thus boosting creativity.

Marijuana Strains for Creativity

And so, using marijuana can be an effective way of increasing your creativity. The following strains are exceptional when it comes to stimulating creativity.

1. Blueberry

DJ Short, a famous American breeder, created this strain by breeding Afghani with Thai strains and some other unnamed strains. As the name suggests, this strain carries a unique fruity flavor, and it is a highly potent strain, with THC levels topping 25%. This strain has won several awards and it enjoys worldwide popularity. The buds are somewhat tight and compact and have a feathery consistency.

2. Bluecheese

The buds are tight and they have purple hairs. The strain produces a pungent aroma with a spicy edge. It has that unique taste that cheese strains are known for. This strain first appeared in the UK as a result of breeding Blueberry with UK Cheese. Its high potency stimulates brain activity and irresistible creativity. One of the possible side effects of this strain is the cottonmouth.

3. 9 lb Hammer

This strain is also called 9 Pound Hammer, or Nine Pound Hammer, and it is one of the strains with a unique terpene profile. The breeder JinxProof developed this strain by mixing Jack the Ripper with Goobery and Hell’s OG. The effects of this strain are as good as receiving a hammer-fist to your head. You will enjoy this strain whether you are a novice or veteran marijuana user.

4. Platinum OG

Apothecary Genetics is the breeder behind this strain, a sweet and special strain that warrants being named after precious metal. With a greenish hue, the buds have silver-like trichomes and a stocky build. This strain is known for having initial highs that whittle down within a short moment. It has a spicy aroma and a flavor reminiscent of the pine cone.

5. Grape Ape

This strain also goes by the name, Purple Ape. People love this strain because of its slow build-up of effects. The buds are chunky and are colored lilac, and its pistils are orange. This strain is native to California and its parents include Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps. The purple buds become darker as the plant hits maturity.

6. King Louis

This strain also goes by King Louis XIII and Louis XIII Kush. This royalty, California-native marijuana strain was created by mixing OG Kush with LA Confidential. With a pine cone aroma and an earthy and nutty flavor, this strain has a huge personality. This strain delivers phenomenal psych effects.

7. LA Confidential

It’s got to be one of the most famous marijuana strains. The buds are chunky, with a greenish hue, and orange pistils. This award-winning strain is highly potent and delivers powerful cerebral effects.

8. Master Kush

This strain is native to the Netherlands, but it has a worldwide fan base. The buds are compact and colorful, and it produces a unique and fruity flavor. This strain is popularly used for fighting off stress and inducing bliss.

9. Slurricane

With THC levels topping 28%, this strain is popular among experienced users. With dark, succulent buds, and crystal-like trichomes, this strain produces a sweet flavor of tropical berries and leaves a creamy aftertaste. Newbies can struggle with the high potency of this strain.

10. Black Diamond

This strain is also known as Black Diamond OG or Black Diamond Kush, and it is attained by mixing Blackberry with Diamond OG. With their colorful trichomes and lilac hairs, the buds have a unique appearance. But make sure to use this strain on a full stomach because it reportedly makes people hungry.

Inducing Creativity with Marijuana

Calling up your creativity is a skill, and you have to master how to put it to use so that you might achieve your important goals.

Whether you are a businessman, a writer, or an educator, you will always need to be creative to stay ahead.

But then creativity isn’t always guaranteed. You may be struggling with certain issues that can make it hard to enter a creative space.

But by using marijuana, and especially the above strains, you can tap into your creative energy and become prolific.