Top 10 CBD Manufacturers and Suppliers

1. Silver Shadow CBD Ventures

This company owned by Marc Normandeau is allegedly one of the oldest Hemp CBD manufacturers on the planet. They have a good reputation and they promise a seven-day turnaround. This institution helps CBD business owners in stocking up to 350 different products. They have a private label, white-label, and wholesale package. The company is registered in Utah as a CBD oil manufacturer and processor, and all its activities are insured. If you want to tour their facility, you can do it virtually via Skype, or in person by booking a tour with one of their reps.

2. CBD Hemp Experts

The company boasts of being one of the largest makers and distributors of CBD products. All their products are produced in-house production in their GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities. And they offer consultation and personalized services to aid the growth of your CBD Company in the ultra-competitive market. They use non-GMO hemp, and their products are gluten-free and contain no more than 0.3% of THC. The company has specialized in many verticals including pet, healthcare, and beauty.

3. Ilesol Pharmaceuticals

This company focuses on full-spectrum and isolate hemp extracts. Incorporated in 2017 by two pharmaceutical experts, Ilesol has been one of the leaders in the extraction and processing of hemp oil and phytocannabinoids. Their specially formulated products were initially geared for top CBD companies, but they now make room for even small players. Customers like Ilesol because it provides full traceability of raw material origin, superior production standards, quality control measures, and 3rd party lab-testing.

4. Neurogan

This top CBD manufacturer can help you create a successful CBD company with its private label package. Customers have access to hemp experts who assist them to find success. Once you submit your specifications, your order is ready in just one week.

5. Joy Organics

It’s a household name in the CBD market. Business owners can take advantage of their private label programs to launch and operate a successful CBD company. Their products are prepared in top-notch facilities and customers can access world-class hemp experts.

6. White Label Liquid

White label liquid is one of the leaders in CBD extraction. It’s a publicly-traded company and it helps people to start CBD companies through their private label and white label program. The company provides its customers with scalable growth options.

7. Candro Pharm International

They take pride in their ability to incorporate the latest scientific findings and technological advancements into their CBD manufacturing and processing. Customers can take up wholesale, private label, and white label packages to start successful companies.

8. CanX

This CBD processing company is at the very top when it comes to cannabis cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing. The company produces a wide range of specially formulated CBD products. Their industrial hemp is cultivated and extracted with advanced methods.

9. Kazmira

This company is renowned for its zero THC broad-spectrum hemp extracts thanks to its superior technology of eliminating undesired chemical compounds. Customers can take advantage of their CBD experts and enjoy world-class customer service.

10. Honest Hemp

This company lives up to its name with its transparency in its extraction and processing systems. They use organically-grown, non-GMO hemp in making CBD products, and they provide first-class customer service. The company has partners across the world.

The CBD market is projected to expand at an annual rate of 22.2%, meaning that in the next few years, it will have transformed into a $20 billion+ economic juggernaut.

If you are looking to start a CBD business, the conditions couldn’t be any better, considering that there’s a massive demand for CBD products.

Well-heeled businesspersons getting into CBD usually build the company from the ground up, securing offices and workshops, getting a team, and buying manufacturing tools.

But suppose you are a regular dude or dudette, and your budget is limited, but you still want to set up a CBD company? What to do?

Look for a trusted 3rd party manufacturer and acquire white label products. White label products simply mean that you pay the manufacturer to do the heavy lifting for you.

The manufacturer will create, label, and package your product, and now you can sell these products to customers under your brand name.

You have to be careful when looking for a reputable supplier to work with. You’ve got to check to see that their facility is accredited, that their products undergo 3rd party lab-testing, comply with federal law, and that they use organic ingredients.

When you get these things right, it means that you’ll receive quality products, and your customers will develop loyalty to the brand, thus enabling you to create a solid CBD institution.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Manufacturer

Don’t be the type of businessperson who’s overly impressed by a salesman and allows the first manufacturer you come across to tie you down. It’s always good to increase your options and then make a final decision. These are some of the factors to look for:

Their Manufacturing Facility

The first thing you want to be sure about is that the manufacturer has a facility and requisite technology. You should also ask about what they specialize in. You want to place your order with a sufficiently experienced manufacturer to ensure quality products.

Where Do They Get Their Hemp?

Industrial hemp is the main ingredient, but be sure that they use organically-grown hemp, and that it is a quality strain. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use chemically-assisted hemp and then lie about it, lowering product quality.

Licenses and Certificates

The CBD market is not as tightly regulated as it should be, which explains why subpar CBD products are floating around, but then a top company will want to get licensed. Companies that evade licenses and certificates usually compromise on quality.


At the end of the day, you are a businessperson, and you are looking to make a profit. When you place a bulk order, it’s well within reason to ask for a discount. But then don’t be automatically drawn to the manufacturer that offers the least price. Weigh your options.


Unless the manufacturer is new, chances are they have collaborated with some CBD companies already. So, make a point of finding the opinion of their past or current customers. You may even check on review sites to see what customers said.

Traits of Good CBD Manufacturers

Whether you are starting a CBD company or you already have one in operation, you need to collaborate with a good manufacturer so that your brand may be synonymous with quality. The following are some of the qualities of great CBD manufacturers.

They Produce Superior Products

Superior CBD manufacturers never got to the top through guesswork or scamming unsuspecting clients. They put in the work and consistently create quality CBD products. Their facilities are late-model and are operated within high standards. They keep tabs on new developments, especially technology, and they keep leveling up to stay ahead. Consistently producing superior products enables them to win customer loyalty.

Customer Service

Top CBD manufacturers know too well that their customers have to succeed first so that they can succeed as well, and nothing makes their understanding of this fact as clear as their excellent customer service. Whether you have a complaint or recommendation, customer service ensures that you are attended to. Customers are sensitive to how they are handled by customer service and it forms their opinion of the company.

Educate Customers

Top CBD manufacturers are experienced, and they know the ins and outs of the industry. And so, they make a point of educating their customers and pointing them in the right direction, so that they might make the best use of their resources.