Tommy Chong’s CBD Review

Tommy Chong is a cannabis soldier. He’s never ceased fighting for cannabis and he seems to be on a major winning path.

When you’re a celebrity in North America, you try your damnedest to be politically correct, lest you risk losing your bag.

Tommy Chong, the celebrated writer, and actor, has never been afraid of promoting cannabis, challenging the government to drop the anti-cannabis laws.

He has created marijuana-themed projects, and even though he puts humor in it, the end goal is to get the world to see the benefits of cannabis.

He’s been a major voice all along, and his efforts have paid off; CBD is legal since 2018, and marijuana will likely be legalized soon.

Tommy Chong started his own cannabis company to make a statement and to also make a pretty penny off of the booming cannabis economy.

What Tommy Chong Offers

Nano CBD: using advanced emulsion technology, water-soluble CBD is created. Nano CBD has numerous benefits including high bioavailability and consistent dosage.

Tinctures: Tommy Chong’s also offers high-potency tinctures that make for fast CBD absorption and rapid effects.

Topicals: if you have a skin problem, or if you experience some soreness in your body, you can fight it away by applying some hemp topical.

Capsules: capsules can be consumed discreetly, and even though they cause slow CBD absorption, they activate a body-buzz that sticks around for long.

Gummies: hemp gummies may be ingested discreetly too, and they come in varied flavors and concentrations.

Why Is Tommy Chong So Passionate About Cannabis?

He’s a senior citizen, but he’s got the energy of a calf, and Tommy strongly believes that cannabis it’s why he’s so energetic.

He’s in his 80s, and guys around that age are being bundled into a senior’s care facility, unable to perform even basic activities.

But Tommy is hopping on planes, performing sold-out comedy shows, appearing in studios, theatres, and yes, catering to his wife.

Twice he’s been diagnosed with cancer… And beat it! He couldn’t have done it without the assistance of cannabis.

He considers cannabis a miracle and believes that there would be greater harmony in the world if everyone was a cannabis user.

With his eponymous cannabis company, he ministers to the world the significance of cannabis, and if you be having pain, anxiety, or nausea, you don’t have to swallow OTC drugs no more.

And unlike drugs, which are consumed to manage a current health problem, cannabis may be incorporated into your daily routine so that you preserve your health.

Pros of Tommy Chong’s

  • Started by a cannabis activist. A few decades ago, cannabis laws were super-harsh, even possession of grams of cannabis would have you sitting in jail. But it took brave people like Tommy Chong to stand up to governments and fight for relaxing cannabis laws. We still haven’t gotten to Canaan, but we’ve made great progress, which is why CBD and medical marijuana is legal.
  • 3rd party lab testing. Products by Tommy Chong’s undergo 3rd party lab testing to prove to customers that they are devoted to product excellence.
  • Full-spectrum CBD. Their products contain a range of cannabinoids that are beneficial for synergistic therapeutic effects.
  • Premium industrial hemp. Tommy Chong’s utilizes organically grown industrial hemp for its CBD products.

Cons of Tommy Chong’s

  • Limited product range. Their CBD offerings don’t have extensive variety, and so, not every CBD user may be accommodated.


Tommy Chong’s has a commitment to superior cannabis products. It was founded by the comedian and cannabis activist, Tommy Chong.

The company uses grade-1 industrial hemp to prepare its winning products, and the products are free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. They are 100% organic.

Their products are of the best kind, and they undergo independent lab testing so customers may be sure of it. Check them out.

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