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Tips to Make Delta 8 & CBD Hit Harder

Both delta 8 and CBD are cannabinoids that belong in hemp varieties, and research suggests they have therapeutic benefits.

Both delta 8 THC and CBD come in diverse formats, and there are pros and cons to each format, it’s a matter of preference.

Some of the popular formats of delta 8 and CBD include tinctures, topicals, gummies, sprays, suppositories, and beverages.

Research on both delta 8 and CBD may be in the early stages, but anecdotal reports suggest these cannabinoids are life-changing.

If you like ingesting delta 8 THC and CBD and are looking to dial up the scale of effects, there are certain things you can do.

1. Increase the Dose

Dosage is one of the major factors that determine how you experience delta 8 and CBD effects. Is the dose high or low?

If you’re taking a significantly low amount of delta 8 THC or CBD, you might end up experiencing slow or weak effects.

To experience optimum effects, you need to ingest the correct dose, which is usually determined by different factors.

And so, increasing the dose of delta 8 THC and CBD is a sure way of amplifying the effects of delta 8 THC and CBD products.

But we caution you against taking an excessive amount of delta 8 THC or CBD because it might cause you to experience side effects.

2. Improve Your Diet

There’s a correlation between the absorption of cannabinoids and an individual’s diet. Check to see if you have a great diet.

If your diet is lacking certain vitamins and fatty acids, your body’s capacity to absorb cannabinoids might be limited.

And so, you need to ingest foods and vegetables that contain high levels of fatty acids e.g. fish, chicken, nuts, and avocados.

When you stick to a diet that contains a high level of vitamins and fatty acids, you are likely to feel higher delta 8 and CBD effects.

3. Try Vaping or Smoking

Delta 8 THC and CBD supplements may be ingested in different ways, but the ingestion style can influence the scale of the effects.

For instance, if you take delta 8 or CBD orally, the cannabinoids are subjected to metabolic processing, which lowers bioavailability.

In other words, if you ingest oral forms of delta 8 THC or CBD, you are likely to end up experiencing a lighter level of effects.

One of the ingestion styles that registers a higher order of effects is smoking or vaping. The cannabinoids flow to your lungs.

And upon hitting the lungs, the cannabinoids are absorbed into blood vessels, and quickly transported to the brain, causing effects.

Generally, vaping is considered a healthier alternative than smoking, because it produces a soft vapor that doesn’t injure the soft tissues of the throat. Also, vaping or smoking usually causes the effects to fade away faster.

4. Buy Quality Products

You would think that this is an obvious point, but the point is, a ton of people unbeknownst to them buy inferior products.

When shopping for delta 8 or CBD products, are you the type to click on an advert on a web page and proceed to the checkout?

If you’re such a person, you’re probably buying some low-quality delta 8 or CBD products, and such products typically deny you the true effects of delta 8 and CBD, not to mention they might put your health at risk.

And so, if you have been consuming inferior products, stop doing that, and start buying top-tier delta 8 and CBD products.

The following are some of the factors you need to consider when buying delta 8 and CBD products; check to see that the products contain natural ingredients, are lab tested, and the brand has a great reputation.

5. Start Taking Certain Herbs

Like fatty foods, taking certain herbs has been deemed to be effective in amplifying the effects of delta 8 THC and CBD.

Black pepper: black pepper contains piperine, an alkaloid that influences liver function and potentiates the effects of delta 8 and CBD.

Turmeric: turmeric contains a range of chemical compounds including piperine, curcumin, and element, which boost bioavailability.

Chamomile: this popular herb has digestive relaxant properties, but it also shields CBD molecules against destabilizing.

6. Increase the Frequency of Use

Another way of increasing the effects of delta 8 THC and CBD is by consuming delta 8 THC and CBD products more frequently.

If previously, you had been ingesting some amount of delta 8 or CBD once a day, you may want to make it twice or thrice.

With a higher frequency of use, you typically load up the system with more delta 8 and CBD molecules, increasing the impact.

However, you need to be careful that you don’t enter the overdose territory, as it can cause you to deal with various side effects.