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Tips for Mailing Marijuana Safely

So, you run a marijuana business in a state where marijuana is illegal. The orders are coming in thick and fast, but you get anxious about mailing the marijuana. What to do?

One of the awful things that could happen would be losing the package, for then you would have a crazy customer sending daily emails that they will kill you.

But there’s also the nasty possibility of your package getting intercepted by authorities and then you would have the ominous task of fighting for your freedom.

In this post, we show you some practical tips on how to safely mail marijuana and evade the bad guys.

1. Avoid using credit cards for marijuana-related expenses

When buying things like shipping labels and packaging, resist the urge to swipe your card during payment. If the package is intercepted, it would be pretty easy to track down who sent it by looking up credit card transactions (credit card companies are more than happy to expose your activities). If you use cash, it is much harder for the authorities to trace the shipment back to you, because there is no obvious link. Also, make sure to get shipping accessories in bulk so that you are not facing this dilemma constantly.

2. Avoid using things that make your package suspicious

Authorities are well aware that people ship things they shouldn’t be shipping via their company, but some things can be dead giveaways.

Heavily taped seams, non-existent return addresses, not writing down a phone number on the return address, a mismatch between the sender’s name and the address, and fake business names are some of the eyebrow-raising factors.

To make sure that the package doesn’t raise any suspicion, you have to know what to lie about and what to not lie about.

3. Pack with vacuum-sealed bags

The easiest way of arresting marijuana odor is not by dousing it with strong-scented cologne but by packing the marijuana with double vacuum-sealed bags.

You have to pack meticulously to avoid compressing the marijuana buds. When executed properly, the odor cannot be detected even by trained dogs.

4. Use new boxes

If you ship the marijuana with old, broken, and tired boxes, the odor should find a hole to escape through and make its presence known.

Also, clean and new boxes are usually viewed in a positive light and invoke less suspicion as compared to old and worn-out boxes.

5. Use multiple layers of packaging

Some marijuana strains can have such a strong scent that you’ll need double layers of packaging to confine the scent.

You may wash the plastic bag before wrapping it over marijuana as this minimizes the ability of the marijuana scent to spread around.

You can use up to five plastic bags.

6. Use the name of a business for the return address

A package without a return address is likely to draw attention, but you can avoid this by putting a business address instead of an individual’s name.

In this way, the package seems legit, and so the authorities shouldn’t be skeptical about it.

7. Avoid masking scents

The presence of masking scents sends a clear sign that something is off, and this typically invites scrutiny from authorities.

Avoid using masking scents, but instead pack your ish with vacuum-sealed bags, thus allowing the package to appear basic.

8. Send the package via USPS

Using the U.S. Postal Service to ship your package comes with several advantages like cheaper rates, better tracking, and they don’t require a return address to ship your package.

According to the streets, packages shipped via USPS are subject to far less interrogation than packages shipped via private companies like FedEx and UPS.