Tips for Growing Quality Weed in an Indoor Grow Facility

Whether you’re a novice or veteran cannabis grower, you want to grow the highest quality of weed, and you also want to get the greatest yield, right?

Some of the common factors that determine whether your weed is going to be good or bad are cannabis genetics, growing medium, lighting, watering, and storage.

For every cannabis grower that rears healthy plants and achieves a massive harvest, the following are some of the things they do:

  • Pick a top-shelf marijuana strain

A lifetime ago, there weren’t many strains, but things are different now. Thanks to extensive breeding, we now have numerous marijuana strains. You want to be careful when selecting the strain to plant. Ideal marijuana strains typically have a fantastic aroma, flavor, and high THC levels.

  • Choose the best growing medium

There are many different things you may use as your growing medium, and each of these mediums has its pros and cons, but use one that you can easily fund. Some common growing mediums include soil, coco coir, clay pebbles, and hydroponics.

Most cannabis growers use soil, and the best type of soil is light and airy, which is what enables cannabis plants to take root easily. The soil should have a pH of about 6 and have excellent water drainage and water retention properties.

  • Don’t scrimp on lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements for cannabis growing. Sufficient lighting improves yield. You want to invest in superior HID and LED lights. You may also install reflective material around the tent to increase light intensity.

  • Utilize cannabis nutrients

Cannabis nutrients improve the quality of your cannabis plants and also increase the yield. But then don’t go overboard with the nutrients because adding more nutrients doesn’t necessarily improve the yield. You have to wait for the plants to reach a certain stage because seedlings and young plants don’t need any nutrients yet, and photoperiod plants require more nutrients than autoflowers.

  • Install powerful fans in your grow tent

Fans are essential in a grow facility. They propagate fresh air around the grow tent and deter the formation of odors. If you don’t have a fan system, you starve your plants of carbon dioxide, and you also allow terrible odors to form and make the place impassable. But above all, ensure that the fan systems are set up very well and that they don’t inconvenience the plant.

  • Install an automatic watering system

Water is another critical element in cannabis growth. You must supply sufficient water to your plants to make sure that the plants turn out all right. If you do the job mechanically, various things could inconvenience the process, and thus affect your watering system. But if you have an automatic watering system, your plants never lack water. Since spills are unavoidable, be sure to install water catchment areas, to facilitate easy drainage of water on the floor.

  • Regulate humidity

You must regulate the amount of water in the environment of the grow tent. If there’s too much water, it’s a problem, and if there’s too little water, is another problem. By getting the humidity right, you create a perfect environment for your cannabis plants to be healthy and to achieve a great yield. High humidity levels can trigger diseases like white powdery mildew and bud rot. But low humidity levels can cause the plants to absorb too many nutrients and have the plants to hurt.

  • Trimming and curing

Trimming and curing are essential practices in the attainment of quality marijuana buds. Trimming denotes the process of eliminating leaves and acquiring top-shelf buds whereas curing denotes aging and drying marijuana buds to improve their flavor, potency, and quality. Properly cured marijuana buds make for a clean and smooth and the ultimate smoke.

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