TIMBR™ Organics Review

TIMBR™ Organics is a maker of market-leading vapeable and smokeable hemp products. Their science-backed products are disrupting the CBD market.

The CBD industry is developing so fast, and this is mainly because more people are becoming sensitized to its therapeutic benefits.

TIMBR™ Organics has created a platform where people can get premium hemp products and achieve health and happiness.

As they use natural ingredients, their products be packed with tremendous power, which is what causes the achievement of results in the least time.

TIMBR™ Organics uses advanced formulas to create products that make a difference. And they have made everything incredibly easy.

Whether you’re looking for flowers, pre-rolls, or cigarettes, TIMBR™ Organics has you covered.

Important Things to Know about TIMBR™ Organics

TIMBR™ Organics is a special company, and their products and services are top-of-the-range.

Organically-farmed hemp: their flower, pre-rolls, disposables, and cigarettes are based on organically-farmed industrial hemp. And so, the products don’t have any chemicals that would minimize the power of CBD, or worse, become a risk to health.

Lab reports: their lab reports are made public, clearing doubts on their cannabinoids, THC, and phytonutrient profiles. Publishing lab reports is a sign that a company prioritizes transparency and that it wants its customers to know precisely what they are buying.

Excellent customer service: the customers of TIMBR™ Organics enjoy the services of a polite and well-trained support team. Whatever issue a customer might have is typically met with a quick solution.

TIMBR™ Organics: Who Is It For?

One of the flaws of many CBD companies is biting more than they can chew, and this always causes them to provide low-quality services and products.

TIMBR™ Organics avoided being an umbrella CBD company and focused on a few segments so that they may become masters in those few areas.

It worked.

Raw CBD oil is not for everyone. And so, if you dislike the grassy taste of raw CBD oil, you’ll surely like the flavor of burning hemp flower.

This company particularly appeals to those who like consuming CBD products by using vaporizers, dab rigs, water pipes, and so on.

Smokeable and vapeable CBD products typically have a fast absorption rate, and so, the effects can be experienced within a short period.

Is TIMBR™ Organics Safe?

Since the CBD industry is not tightly regulated, some dishonest sellers are waiting to trap you with harmful products.

The biggest tip for buying safe CBD products is making sure that you buy from a reputable CBD company. They are likely to have the resources and a commitment to high quality.

Products by TIMBR™ Organics are 100% safe. For one, they use naturally-grown hemp, and this type of hemp doesn’t have any impurities or toxic elements.

And just to be certain, you can head over to their website, and look at the lab reports. You’ll find that all their products have undergone testing by independent labs.

How TIMBR™ Organics Works

Ever had that moment you get home from work, and you play out the day’s activities in your mind, and you start crying?

Crying is okay, but it’s never okay to allow sadness and depression to steal your life. You can restore happiness by consuming CBD.

TIMBR™ Organics cigarettes, pre rolls, and flower will medicate you with cannabidiol. Smoking and vaping make for rapid CBD absorption and the effects are quick in coming.

The CBD molecules may not bind to endocannabinoids like THC molecules, but they still influence the activity of the ECS and trigger various therapeutic effects.

TIMBR™ Organics Helps with Managing the Following Health Problems

CBD may be ingested for both recreational and medicinal reasons. The following are some of the health problems that can be controlled by smoking or vaping TIMBR™ Organics products.

  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Skin disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Menstrual cramps

You need to take CBD regularly to experience maximum therapeutic effects.

Products Offered by TIMBR™ Organics

Hemp disposables: these are premium CBD vape pens that deliver flavorful and intense CBD without the psychoactive effects.

Hemp pre rolls: these are CBD joints prepared in-house using high-quality CBD flower.

Hemp flower: you can get hemp flower to smoke or vape with your favorite accessories.

Hemp cigarettes: enjoy the flavor of premium hemp flower and inhale full-spectrum CBD.

TIMBR™ Organics Hemp Strains

Their hemp products are based on quality hemp strains like these ones:

  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Special Sauce
  • Suver Haze
  • Fire OG
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Lifter
  • Jack Herer

How to Ingest TIMBR™ Organics Products

For hemp disposables, you only set your vaporizer and ingest the medium-heated CBD vapor.

For hemp pre rolls and cigarettes, you simply light up and smoke away.

For hemp flower, you can use it with your favorite smoking accessories whether it be a dab rig or bong.

Are there Any Complaints Against TIMBR™ Organics?

One of the nice things about the internet is that we have an opportunity to see what customers think of a product or company.

Searching around for customer reviews for TIMBR™ Organics products, we saw that people are appreciative of the company.

They offer quality products, their prices are reasonable, and the customer experience is on point. And so, no one is complaining.


TIMBR™ Organics has mastered the smokeable and vapeable hemp product categories. If you’re looking for hemp disposables, pre rolls, cigarettes, and flower, you can rely on this company.

Check them out.

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