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The US Is the Leading CBD Consumer

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Since ancient times when a Chinese emperor discovered hemp and used it to spice up his tea, mankind has always been privy to the health benefits of hemp.

In 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill, which decriminalized the extraction and sale of hemp-derived CBD, as long as it didn’t contain more than 0.3% THC.

Many countries have followed suit in decriminalizing CBD, and it appears that it will soon be a legal substance across the world.

America is indisputably the world’s leading consumer of hemp products. The hemp economy is a massive one, pulling in billions yearly.

Considering the health benefits of hemp, Americans aren’t about to stop using it.

How CBD Is Helping America

Let’s not be politically correct; Americans probably have the greatest percentage of health conditions anywhere on the planet.

It’s a first-world country with a surplus of technology that accords its citizens the luxury of automation and subsequently a sedentary lifestyle.

Then throw in their massive food economy, and their large food portions, and you have a population consuming more food than anywhere else.

CBD helps Americans manage many problems.

1. CBD Controls Obesity

In America, obesity is a crisis, considering that more than 40% of its citizens have this condition. Obesity is always the result of consuming excessive food and not being physically active.

If you’re an American, the ridiculously high levels of obesity in America wouldn’t be obvious to you, but someone who’s visiting from a different country realizes it immediately.

Regular consumption of CBD helps with appetite suppression, and it also helps with boosting metabolism, thus helping your body to dig into its fat reserve.

Americans know this, which is why they are gung-ho for CBD products.

2. CBD Minimizes Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the leading mental illness in America. Too many crazy dudes wading around, and they’ve got guns on them, and you be anxious not to be a statistic.

Plus the major cities are a bit crowded, and the people are forced to live near one another, and this can push up anxiety too.

Clever Americans are turning to CBD to minimize paranoia and anxiety. Regular CBD consumption restricts chemical reactions that trigger anxiety.

CBD products are available in varied forms; tinctures, eatables, sprays, and topicals, and you may choose your preferred method of ingesting.

By eliminating anxiety, you are in a great mental space to make healthy decisions and relate with other people much better.

3. CBD Induces Relaxation

America is generally a stressed nation, what with the long working hours, the culture of consumerism, and the divisiveness.

The country is divided along many lines, and each group doesn’t compromise a bit, making the perfect recipe for stress and depression.

Americans take hemp products to minimize their stress, and to help them cope with their day-to-day activities without feeling overwhelmed.

CBD molecules interact with the ECS to regulate chemical processes in the brain and induce calm and relaxation.

The rapidness of CBD effects is typically dependent on the method of ingestion, the level of potency, and the frequency of use.

Cannabis Economy in America

Cannabis will soon be federally legal in the US, and the economic implications of this milestone are particularly impressive.

The cannabis economy is young, but it still rakes in billions of dollars every year, and it is one of the fast-developing job creators in America.

With all the CBD and marijuana dispensaries mushrooming, and the cannabis companies popping up, they are absorbing a lot of employees.

When marijuana is federally legalized, the financial institutions will drop their restrictions on cannabis companies, and this will promote the cannabis economy a great deal.

America is the world’s leading CBD consumer, and for good reason; it’s helping Americans in a major way!