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The Essential Tools for Dabbing CBD Wax

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Nowadays, CBD dabbing is on the rise. Dabbing refers to ingesting vaporized forms of concentrated CBD such as wax, crystals, shatter and crumble.

The common tool for dabbing CBD is the dab rig. The dab rig is a type of water pipe, but it has a certain design that sets it apart from the bong.

With CBD dabbing, you’re consuming the vapor form of highly concentrated cannabidiol dabs, which allows you to experience faster and more potent effects.

CBD dabs come in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate forms, and there are pros and cons to ingesting each of these types.

As more people shift to CBD for its therapeutic benefits, the dabbing of CBD concentrates is slowly becoming a popular ingestion method.

The following are the essential equipment in CBD dabbing:

1. Glass Dab Rigs

Dab rigs share a resemblance to bongs, but their functions are not similar. Dab rigs are typically made of glass, and they come in different sizes.

Unlike a bong, which features a bowl for packing herb, a dab rig features a nail, the component heated to convert concentrates into lightweight vapors.

CBD dabs are highly concentrated forms of cannabidiol, they have slight variations, deliver fast effects, and hardly contain any chemical particles.

2. E-Rigs

While a dab rig is a water pipe that needs manual handling, an e-rig or electronic rig is a dabbing device that vaporizes CBD dabs by electric means.

With conventional dab rigs, you need to have an experienced hand to be able to heat the nail perfectly and apply the CBD resources without any wastage.

But, with an e-rig, you can program the heating and cooling processes to achieve faster results, and you also eliminate the risk of overheating.

Also, e-rigs, unlike glass dab rigs, are less bulky and come in compact and portable designs, which makes them ideal for people with nomadic lifestyles.

Also, e-rigs are safer than conventional glass dab rigs, considering that a naked flame from a torch isn’t needed to heat the nail.

3. Dab Torches

Dabbing involves applying some CBD concentrates onto the heated nail so that vapor is formed. With regular dab rigs, the dab torch is needed.

The dab torch helps with heating the nail, and it’s typically done by holding the flame close to the nail. It’s something that you get better at with practice.

Dab torches are usually powered by propane or butane, and you need to be careful with using a dab torch to avoid overheating the nail.

Having the potential to give off as much heat as 2000ºF, dab torches need to be handled with extreme care.

4. Bangers & Nails

Bangers, or nails, are the pieces installed in the dab rig that facilitate the conversion of CBD concentrates into vapor form.

Bangers and nails are usually made of robust materials like quartz and titanium. These materials heat up fast and preserve flavor integrity.

Bangers and nails come in varying sizes and designs, and it’s important to replace them when they chip, crack or shatter.

Titanium and quartz, and not glass or ceramic, are better materials for bangers and nails.

5. Carb Caps

You know how when you’re cooking your favorite food on a saucepot and you cover it with a lid to improve the flavor? That’s kind of the point of the carb cap.

Carb caps come in varying designs, sizes, and shapes, and are usually made of robust materials like titanium and quartz, and they seal the nail.

Carb caps help with regulating airflow, improving heat retention, and lowering air pressure, thus enhancing flavor and minimizing resource wastage.

Carb caps come in varying designs like directional airflow carb caps, bubble carb caps, and universal carb caps. They will allow you to enjoy amazing CBD vapor.

6. Dab Mats

It’s not okay to place your dab rig anywhere and start dabbing. You need to put some material down and then place the dab rig on that material.

Dab mats are usually made of silicone, a non-stick material, and are essential in orienting and steadying up dab rigs as well as protecting the surface from heat-energy trauma.

Also, when you need to break up coarse CBD concentrates into finer, consistent crystals, you can easily do that on the dab mats as opposed to staining your table or something.

Dab mats come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors, and make sure to buy one that agrees with your CBD paraphernalia.

7. Parchment Paper

CBD concentrates usually have a sticky texture to them, which can cause them to seem difficult to package, shape, and handle.

With parchment paper sheets, it becomes easy to package and handle these valuable CBD concentrates.

CBD concentrates are expensive, and if you’re handling them with your naked hands or gloves, you unsuspectingly lose or waste some of the concentrates.

But, with parchment papers, you minimize the wastage and make it easy to handle the CBD concentrates.

8. Dabbers

Dabbers are tools that help with manipulating CBD concentrates and applying the concentrates onto the heated nail to produce vapor.

Dabbers are usually long and pointed and are used for breaking and picking CBD concentrates without any struggle.

Dabbers come in different sizes and materials like ceramic, glass, quartz, and titanium. The material the dabber is made of can influence flavor integrity.

Advantages of Dabbing

The following are some of the advantages of dabbing:

Safer: dabbing CBD is safer than smoking CBD. With smoking, you may inhale the toxic compounds of burned rolling paper, but with dabbing, CBD concentrates are burned in isolation, which minimizes the presence of toxic elements.

Fast effects: concentrated CBD products are becoming popular throughout America. Whether you take CBD for recreational or therapeutic reasons, you desire fast effects. CBD vapor flows to your lungs and to your brain to activate rapid benefits.

Flavorful: some CBD products like raw CBD tinctures don’t have the best taste. But, with CBD dabbing, you get to ingest flavorful CBD vapor, and the ingestion method is flexible.

The Takeaway: Dabbing Essentials

Dabbing refers to ingesting concentrated CBD products with varied dabbing tools. It’s a recent CBD ingestion method, but its popularity is rising, thanks to its flexibility and efficiency. More people are ditching OTC drugs in favor of CBD products for managing various health issues including pain and anxiety, and anecdotal evidence suggests CBD has no adverse side effects. With CBD dabbing, you’ll require a range of dabbing tools like dab rigs, bangers, dab torches, and dabbers.


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