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The Best pH and TDS Meters

If you’re growing hemp and marijuana plants in an indoor setup, one of the things you must provide is growing media such as soil mix and hydroponics.

But, the growing media needs to achieve a certain nature for it to be effective. For instance, it needs to hold sufficient nutrients, moisture, and stable pH levels.

pH and TDS meters are some critical accessories that cannabis growers use to measure deficiencies and toxicities within the growing media.

pH meters are for measuring pH levels whereas TDS meters are for measuring total dissolved solids. Both pH and TDS meters are critical for optimizing the growing medium.

Traits of Quality pH and TDS Meters

The following are some of the characteristics of quality pH and TDS meters:

1. Accuracy

Quality pH and TDS meters have excellent accuracy. The pH meters are for gauging the acid-base value while TDS meters are for measuring TDS, EC, and temperature. Their accuracy makes them reliable in making judgments about your growing media and achieving outstanding results.

2. Lightweight

When using a weighty pH or TDS meter, the process can be a bit limiting. Quality pH and TDS meters usually have a compact and small size; a small weight, thus making them portable and flexible. They also have quality cases that protect them from harm.

3. Multi-use

As an indoor cannabis grower, you buy the pH and TDS meters for measuring the acid-base value and TDS of your growing media. However, the pH and TDS meters shouldn’t be applicable in just indoor growing, but quality pH and TDS meters can be applied in a range of areas including water purification systems, water treatment, aquaculture, pools, spas, etc.

4. Easy to Use

Quality pH and TDS meters feature a compact and lightweight design and are easy to read. Thus, they allow you to take easy readings and put you in a position of reaching quick decisions. Avoid using complex pH and TDS meters as they can lead to blunders.

5. Humanized Design

pH and TDS meters are incredible tools for determining the health of your growing medium. However, to be able to use them with ease, these gadgets require a humanized design. A humanized design features handheld control and boosts convenience and manageability.

Benefits of Measuring pH and TDS

Every cannabis grower wants their plants to achieve optimum yield and health, and one of the factors that can influence this goal is the condition of the growing medium.

The growing medium needs to be loaded with sufficient nutrients, and it needs to be maintained at the right pH levels to facilitate plant development and maturity.

Measuring pH and TDS helps with boosting plant yield. Whether you’re growing hemp and marijuana plants for commercial gain or private use, enhancing the growing medium is an essential step.

The percentage of nutrients within a growing medium can determine the potency of hemp and marijuana buds. Thus, constantly taking pH and TDS readings can have a positive influence on cannabis yield and cannabinoid content.

When you provide stable conditions for your developing cannabis plants, the plants typically develop and hit maturation without experiencing any diseases.

What are the Best TDS Levels?

By taking TDS readings, you can know when to apply nutrients and fertilizer to your hydroponics to boost plant development.

And this knowledge keeps your plants from experiencing nutrient burns and deficiencies, and it helps you to achieve a great yield.

If you’re growing hemp and marijuana plants in hydroponics, it’s extremely critical to keep the TDS levels at optimum.

Different strains have different needs, but the good thing is that you can check with professionals for the suggested TDS level.

Generally, for cannabis plants, a good TDS level can range from 500 to 800 PPM.

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