One of the reasons why CBD vending machines are becoming popular is that they bring cash flow, as customers take products and leave money.

CBD vending machine businesses typically generate around $500 per month, which is great considering that the machine takes up small space, and isn’t manned.

If you’re looking to start a CBD vending machine business, you need to first identify the perfect spot and talk to the owner or manager of the premise to let you install it.

The most important factor in the success of a CBD vending machine business is the location. Certain areas are proven ideal for installing CBD vending machines.

The best place to install your CBD vending machine ideally receives sufficient foot traffic, has security, and you have been granted permission.

1. Malls and Retail Stores

It’s being said that malls are experiencing low traffic because more people are shifting to online shopping, but the thing is, malls still receive huge traffic. You may install your CBD vending machine near the entrance or exit or along an aisle. You can also stand your CBD vending machine just outside a retail store. If you identify a perfect spot for your CBD vending machine in either a mall or a retail store, go ahead and pitch to the management.

2. Restaurants

Restaurants receive massive traffic, and installing your CBD vending machine within the hotel can be very profitable. Drinks and snacks are typically in high demand in restaurants. One of the things you must do is ensure you have high cleanliness standards and restock the supplies frequently throughout the week.

3. Apartments

In towns and cities, most people don’t own their homes but instead live in apartments. And so, placing your CBD vending machine within an apartment is very strategic, as the occupants can buy CBD products while heading to work in the morning, coming home from work in the evening, and also during the day considering that many people have taken up online jobs and are working from home.

4. Gyms

Nowadays, the gym is the in thing, as most people are focused on increasing their strength and aesthetics. And gyms are ideal for placing your CBD vending machine. If the space allows, you should install multiple CBD vending machines.CBD has been suggested to supercharge athletic performance. One of the ideal CBD products to sell in a gym includes drinks and gummies.

5. Offices

Millions of people have corporate jobs and spend their working hours in a high-rise office building. And so, you can move to install a CBD vending machine in the office building, and the workers will be your customers. Most office jobs are stressful, and those who dig CBD will keep reaching for a fresh supply of CBD-infused edibles.

6. Auto Shops

When your car is bruised or broken, it causes you to feel stressed. Auto shops generally receive a lot of traffic because many people need their cars repaired. You can place a CBD vending machine near or within an auto shop so that people have an easy way of cutting down their stress – with CBD products.

7. Colleges and Universities

CBD is legal at the state and federal levels, and so, there’s nothing wrong with bringing it around to students. You can look for space in colleges and universities to install your CBD vending machine. Students are generally busy and perform mentally taxing activities, and CBD would help them with supercharging their brains.

8. Parks

Parks generally receive a lot of traffic, and you can place a CBD vending machine near a park. But then you need to make sure that the surroundings are heavily secured. People from all demographics will happily buy your CBD products.

The Takeaway: Perfect Locations for Installing CBD Vending Machines

CBD vending machine businesses are becoming popular. They have low start-up and maintenance costs. But the most important thing with setting up a CBD vending machine business is finding the perfect location. Some of the suggested ideal locations for installing your CBD vending machine include restaurants, retail stores, and gyms.


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