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The Best Lighters for Lighting Bowls and Joints

Whether you like smoking CBD flower out of a bong, joint, or pre-roll, there’s one thing that you’re always going to need: a lighter.

The lighter supplies heat energy to the smokable product, thus causing an even burn and allowing you to take delicious tokes.

Lighters come in a range of styles, functionalities, and materials. The perfect lighter is durable and provides good performance.

Some other important features in a lighter include windproof, waterproof, and safety properties. Lighters may be mechanical or automated.

10 Best Lighters

1. Toker Poker Lighter Sleeve

2. Pulsar Zippo Lighter Series 3

3. Janeys Smiley Lighter

4. Q&G Dual Arc Rechargeable Lighter

5. PROMISE Jet Torch Lighter

6. S.T. Dupont Minijet Chrome Grey Torch Flame Lighter

7. SOTO Pocket Torch

8. Nomatiq Dual Arc Electric Lighter

9. Flower By Edie Parker Hard Edge Lighter

10. Supreme Tsubota pearl hard edge lighter FW19

Traits of Quality Lighters

To light a bong or joint, you need a lighter. Whether you’re a newbie about to light up your first CBD joint, or you’re a veteran CBD consumer looking to replace your lighter, you need to recognize the traits that belong with quality lighters.

1. Good Performance

A quality lighter gets the job done in a split second. You don’t want a lighter that takes more time than necessary to ignite your smokables. Quality lighters have multiple burners that produce a powerful unified heat source that does the job.

2. Windproof Capabilities

When you light up a matchstick in a windy environment, the wind usually snuffs out the flame. Quality lighters are designed in a manner to block out the wind. And so, even if you’re in an outdoor area and want to smoke your CBD cigar, lighting it up is a breeze.

3. Quality Casing

The casing is the exterior cover or shell of the lighter. Quality lighters typically have casings that are well designed and made of superior materials. Quality casing enhances the functionality of the lighter and improves its safety features.

4. Adjustable Flames

Your lighting needs will vary depending on the type of smokable product you have. For instance, if you want to smoke a CBD joint, then a small flame is sufficient to light it. But, if you want to smoke a CBD cigar or a hand pipe with a large bowl, you need a massive flame. Quality lighters can adjust flame sizes to avoid needless loss of energy.

5. Childproof Properties

Lighters, if handled poorly, can lead to disasters like burning property and inflicting burn injuries. If you have kids or pets in your home, you need a lighter that your kids and pets cannot possibly mess with. Quality lighters have childproof properties, which increases home safety, and preserves lighters’ durability.

6. Style

The thing about smoking accessories is that style and design play a critical role. When smoking in social settings, your peers will give compliments on your smoking accessories, such as the sleek lighter. Quality lighters typically have amazing designs and features that give them a sleek appearance and make them feel nice to use.

 7. Guarantee

Quality lighters are typically accompanied by warranties. The last experience you want is to buy a lighter, only to use it a couple of times before it dies on you. But, when a guarantee is issued, you become protected against certain misfortunes like the lighter failing.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lighter

All lighters aren’t the same. They come in varying designs and styles and incorporate varied features. The following are some of the things to consider when buying a lighter.

Ignition method: do you prefer spinning a spark wheel, pushing a button, or automated lighting? Lighters have a range of ignition mechanisms and you choose what you like most.

Fuel type: the fuel is the resource that supplies the heat energy. Lighters use varied fuel types including butane, batteries, and electricity.

Flame duration: some lighters are designed to produce lasting flames while others are designed to produce fleeting flames.

Features: lighters typically have a range of features. Some of these features include waterproof and windproof capabilities. Check to see which lighters have the features you like.