Whether you’re a CBD or marijuana enthusiast, or you plan to set up a CBD or marijuana business, you might have thought about investing in indoor grow kits.

An indoor grow kit, as the name suggests, is a system consisting of different tools and accessories that enable you to grow plants in an indoor setting.

You may install the grow kit in different spaces including the laundry room, spare room, garage, basement, etc., and the plants will thrive and hit maturity.

Many cannabis growers choose indoor growing as it gives them the ability to control all the factors that influence the rate of growth, plant health, and yield.

10 Best Indoor Grow Kits

1. Growershouse

2. Hydrobuilder

3. The Bud Grower

4. Vivosun

5. Growace

6. Mars Hydro

7. HTG Supply

8. Back to the Roots

9. Supernatural Brand

10. Gorilla Grow Tent

Traits of Quality Indoor Grow Kits

Plants require various factors including light, water, and nutrients to develop and become fruitful. With a home grow kit, you replace the natural environment, and provide these factors yourself. The following are some of the characteristics of superior indoor grow kits.

1. Growing Media

The common cannabis growing media include soil, soilless mixes, and hydroponics. Each growing medium has its pros and cons. When choosing an indoor grow kit, you need to make sure that its specs are designed to fit your ideal growing medium.

2. Sturdy Tent

An indoor grow center may be neat and secure, but the grow tent needs to have tough skin, and the tools and accessories need to be of superior quality. Quality grow tent coverings are made of superior fabric that doesn’t break under small force trauma.

3. Proper Size

Indoor grow kits come in diverse sizes, and the ideal size of a grow kit is determined by different things like plant genetics and grow room size. For instance, if you’re looking to grow a monstrous hemp plant or numerous plants, you need a large indoor grow kit. Also, check to see that your preferred indoor grow kit can comfortably fit in your grow space.

4. Highly Portable

If you live in an apartment in the city, you can put up a grow kit in one of the rooms and grow your cannabis plants; and when it’s time to move house, the grow kit should be easily packed and carried. And so, portability is an essential trait of quality indoor grow kits.

5. Price

Home grow kits have huge variations in terms of prices. These prices are informed by different things including size, materials, and design. And so, you want to spend a decent amount of time researching the grow kits, to help you find which is most friendly to your budget.

How to Set Up Your Grow Tent

You can set up the grow tent and start growing your cannabis plants in easy steps:

Step 1: put the grow tent together. The grow tent provides a stable and convenient environment for growing your hemp and marijuana plants. While assembling the grow tent, make sure that the frames are tightly secured, and the add-ons are properly installed.

Step 2: install the grow lights. Some grow lights might be simply hung off the tent’s roof while some grow lights might need third-party fixtures for installation. The grow tent needs to have reflective material to intensify the light and make for a higher plant yield.

Step 3: install ventilation. Cannabis plants require a steady supply of fresh air. The ventilation system helps with allowing fresh air and eliminating hot and stale air. Ventilation systems also help with isolating odors, so that the strong cannabis scent doesn’t pervade the room.

Step 4: place the growing medium. Whether you’re using soil, soilless mixes, or hydroponics, now you’re ready to begin growing your hemp and marijuana plants.

Tips for Maintaining Your Indoor Grow Room

These tips will help with maintaining your indoor grow kits:

  1. Regularly inspect the grow environment and plants for pest and mold infestations.
  2. Clean up spills with immediacy to avoid creating stains.
  3. Keep the tools and accessories clean, and make prompt replacements when certain parts fail.
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