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The Best HPS Grow Lights

HPS (High-pressure Sodium) lamps are highly efficient and long-lasting. Both hobby and commercial growers like using HPS lamps in hemp and marijuana cultivation.

HPS lamps typically have a robust build and a sleek design. With their broad color-temperature spectrum, they do a perfect job of mimicking the sun.

HPS lamps belong in the HID (High Intensity Discharge) category and are typically consisting of a ballast, a reflector or hood, and a bulb.

HPS lamps have a capability for intense light production, which is particularly important in the flowering stage of cannabis plants, thus helping maximize yield.

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Traits of Quality HPS Lamps

With indoor cannabis growing, you need a quality lighting system. HPS grow lights are more efficient than fluorescents and are suitable in both the growing and flowering stages of plants. The following are some of the traits of quality HPS lamps.

1. Broad Spectrum Light

HPS lamps, upon reaching full illumination, give off a golden-white light. However, they have a range of colors, which makes them flexible throughout plant development. Broad spectrum lamps play a role in boosting the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis leaves.

2. Lower Warm-up Period

When you put on the lighting system in a grow setup, these lights don’t hit their full capacity instantly. However, they need some time to reach their maximum. Generally, the lower the warm-up period, the better, and HPS grow lights have substantially lower warm-up times as compared to metal halide grow lights. Lower warm-up periods promote efficiency.

3. Robust Lamps

HPS grow lights typically have a solid build, and they can function for 20K+ hours. And so, you’ll be able to use these grow lights in numerous grow cycles, which enables you to save time and money. However, to extract quality service out of these lamps, you must maintain them properly, by ensuring good handling of the hardware and accessories and grow room maintenance.

4. Outstanding Lumen Preservation

Some grow lamps start marvelously, but then at some point, they start experiencing degradation and a loss in efficiency, which continually worsens. HPS lamps have been observed to have excellent lumen maintenance. Thus, you’ll not need to replace the lights, and can rely on them throughout their lifespan.

5. Intense Light Output

Light intensity is one of the factors that influence plant yield. Some lighting systems like fluorescent bulbs have low light output, thus they can limit the plant’s flowering potential. However, HPS lamps typically give off an intense light, which promotes photosynthesis, and allows the plants to thrive. On the downside, the heavy production of light by these lamps raises energy consumption.

6. Wide Variety

HPS lamps come in a diverse range, and as a cannabis grower, you need to choose the lighting system that fits your needs. Generally, when buying grow lights, it’s critical to buy complete kits, as it allows you to use proper accessories and preserve its lifespan.

Tips for Using HPS Lamps

These tips are useful when using HPS lamps for your indoor plants:

  1. Ensure the lamps are suitable for the growing space.
  2. Avoid placing the lamps too distant from the plants, as this might lower the intensity of the beam, and thus minimize efficiency.
  3. In the same vein, avoid placing the lamps too close to plants, as this might cause the heat to overwhelm plants and damage their chemical constituents.
  4. Install a quality ventilation system in the grow room. HPS lamps tend to produce higher heat levels, but you need a quality ventilation system to balance grow room conditions.
  5. Secure the HPS lamps properly to minimize their susceptibility and avoid causing accidents.

Things to Consider When Buying HPS Grow Lights

The following are some factors to consider when selecting HPS lights:

Wattage:  choose HPS grow lights whose wattage is fit for plant needs and grow space.

Build: choose HPS grow lights with a solid build and excellent design, as they are durable.

Reputation: check its online reviews to see whether the brand has a good reputation.