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The Best Hemp CBD Flower

Most CBD consumers usually ingest CBD tinctures, gummies, and topicals. However, CBD might also be ingested in the form of CBD flower.

Whether you have a bong or dry herb vaporizer, you simply load your smoking equipment with some fresh CBD flower and start taking CBD hits.

Some people prefer smoking CBD instead of other ingestion methods for different reasons such as enjoying the rapid effects, flexibility, and convenience.

But then again, CBD flower may not be just smoked. It may well be mixed with other ingredients in preparing your drinks and foods, thus ingested orally.

Although CBD flower comes from cannabis, and more specifically the hemp plant, it has no psychoactive effects. It’s typically smoked while fresh and juicy.

10 Best Hemp CBD Flower

1. Canna Flower

2. Plain Jane

3. Tweedle Farms

4. HempElf CBD

5. The Green Nursery

6. Marry Jane

7. Exhale Well

8. CBD American Shaman

9. Mr Hemp Flower

10. Hemper

Traits of Quality Hemp CBD Flower

If you go around buying CBD flower without a care, you might end up with substandard CBD flower, and inevitably ruin your experience.

The following are some of the markers of quality hemp CBD flower:

1. Smell

Cannabis consists of aromatic compounds known as terpenes that lend it a distinct scent. Marijuana has a grander terpene profile than hemp. Admittedly, the CBD flower doesn’t smell of roses, but then again, it doesn’t give off a musty odor. Quality CBD flower has a distinct cannabis aroma with an earthy and nutty undertone. However, low-quality CBD flower either has a flat and hay-like smell or reeks of rot.

2. Color

You can tell whether hemp CBD flower is fresh and juicy based on its color. The bad color doesn’t necessarily stem from aging, but it could be down to poor storage, and chemical interference. Quality CBD flower typically has an appearance that ranges from green to golden, with bright and vivid pistils. On the other hand, low-quality CBD flower is typically dark and discolored, with rusty red patches and ugly moldy streaks.

3. Texture

Quality CBD flower is usually dense and sticky. When you touch it, you feel some firmness to it. On the other hand, substandard CBD flower is brittle, typically losing form upon touching them. Poor storage might cause the flower to lose water and lose mass, or it may expose the flower to harmful agents that exert a negative effect on the compounds of CBD flower. The two common reasons behind poor texture in hemp CBD flower include moisture deficiency and good old aging.

Common Ways of Consuming Hemp CBD Flower

As more people turn to cannabidiol for its therapeutic benefits such as sleep and anxiety disorders management, the consumption of CBD flower has been soaring. CBD flower is generally consumed in the following ways:

1. Joints

You can make a CBD joint with readily available papers, but for the best outcome, you need to use rolling papers. Standard rolling papers are made of rice, hemp, and wood pulp. A CBD joint is prepared by lining CBD flower in a rolling paper and then making a cigarette. Before rolling a CBD joint, make sure that the CBD flower is properly ground.

2. Blunts

Blunts are prepared by removing the contents of a cigar and then refilling the cigar wrap with CBD flower. People like CBD blunts as they burn slowly and evenly, thus triggering potent CBD effects. Cigar wraps are commonly made out of tobacco leaves, but if you’re concerned about ingesting nicotine, you may choose hemp-based cigar wraps.

3. Bongs

A bong is a water pipe with excellent filtration and cooling properties. Bongs come in a variety of materials and styles, including percolator bongs, beaker bongs, and straight tube bongs. To use a bong, you simply pack the bong bowl with CBD flower, and then light the CBD flower, while you draw the smoke at the mouthpiece. The smoke travels in the water so that the ash and impurities are eliminated, and so that smoke is cooled, thus allowing you to draw smooth and cool CBD hits.

4. Hand Pipes

Sherlock Holmes, anyone? Yeah, that TV character popularized hand pipes that he got a hand pipe named after him. Hand pipes are simple in their build, with a bowl, chamber, shank, and stem. You pack the CBD flower and ignite it before inhaling the hot smoke.

5. Vape Pens

These handheld electronic devices are used for vaporizing varied forms of cannabis resources such as e-juices, dry herbs, and concentrates. Vape pens may be reusable or disposable. With a dry herb vaporizer, you simply load it CBD flower and vape away CBD.

6. Food and Drinks

So, you have some CBD flower, but you don’t like smoking or vaping? Just go ahead and grind the CBD flower into a billion tiny crystals, and blend them into your drink or food.