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The Best Grow Room Glasses & Eyewear

When you grow hemp and marijuana in an indoor environment, you need to install artificial lights, and although these lights enhance plant development, they aren’t too good for the eyes.

Continued exposure to lights within an indoor grow environment can lower the ability of your eyes to focus, identify shapes, make out movements, and notice colors.

In certain instances, exposing your naked eyes to artificial grow lights for too long can lead to eye disease.

To avoid injuries to your eyes from artificial lights in the indoor grow room, it’s recommended to invest in eyewear accessories such as grow room glasses.

Grow room glasses protect your eyes against unsafe light radiations, and in addition, they minimize glare and enhance coloration and detail.

10 Best Grow Room Glasses

1. Method Seven

2. GroVision

3. Active Eye

4. Philips Safety Growers Glasses


6. Grow1 Gruve

7. Wachsen Optical

8. Nectar Kush

9. AC Infinity

10. Happy Hydro

Traits of Quality Grow Room Glasses & Eyewear

Grow room glasses come in diverse types and models. For the best eye protection, you need to use quality grow room glasses. The following are some of the characteristics of quality grow room glasses and eyewear.

Lightweight: the last thing you want is to put on some glasses that weigh your face down. Quality grow room glasses consist of lightweight materials, and have a sleek design, which enables them to be used with ease, and hardly leave any dent on your face.

Great performance: there are different grow light systems, and there are different light wavelengths, and these can affect your eyes. Quality grow room glasses are typically high-performance, and they can minimize glare, and keep your eyes from straining.

Safety standards: continued exposure to harmful light wavelengths can injure the eyes. It’s best to wear your grow room glasses whenever you’re inside the indoor grow room. Quality grow room glasses have verified safety standards, and protect against UV rays, ridding UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Things to Consider When Buying Grow Room Glasses

Grow room glasses come in a range of models. The following are some of the things to consider when buying grow room glasses.

1. Frame Fit

You don’t want to wear grow room glasses that are going to slowly glide away from the original position, thus inconveniencing you. Grow room glasses come in different models and sizes, and you must choose what fits you. You may also want to consider additional features like rubber pieces that enhance comfort.

2. Protection against Harmful Light Wavelengths

Artificial lights typically emit all sorts of destructive light radiations, so it’s critical to buy grow room glasses that can shield you against these harmful lights. Make sure that the lenses can protect you from UVA, UVB, & UVC rays. Generally, quality grow room glasses have a higher optical density and good safety rating.

3. Frame Material

One of the factors that determine the lifespan of grow room glasses is the material they are made of. You want to buy some glasses that you can use through numerous grow cycles. Quality grow room glasses are typically made of plastic, which makes them resistant to damage or breakage.

4. Color Correction Capabilities

Different grow lights emit different hues, and this can render the grow room environment with inaccurate colors and details. When plant details are distorted, you usually find it difficult to unravel plant diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies. Quality grow room glasses correct the grow room colors, thus allowing you to perceive plant details accurately.

5. Are they Suitable for the Grow Lights?

Grow lights come in varying types such as fluorescents, HPS, CMH, and LED. To guarantee results, you need to use grow room glasses that are compatible with the grow light system. So, always ensure that your grow room glasses are compatible with the grow light system.

Is It Okay to Use Sunglasses?

I mean, if you have a pair of sunglasses, you might have the mind to replace the grow room glasses with sunglasses, but this isn’t recommended.

Sunglasses can protect you from the glare of the sun, but they might be ineffective in blocking out certain light wavelengths emitted by artificial lights.

Also, sunglasses tend to dim things down, thus denying you the chance to observe plant details properly, and also limiting the perception of the color of your indoor grow environment.

Just make sure to buy yourself some quality grow room glasses.

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