With indoor cannabis growing, one of the essential factors you must provide is a light source. For optimum results, periods of light and periods of dark should run at ideal lengths.

Light is one of the major ingredients of photosynthesis. As an inexperienced grower, you might have the mind to leave the lights running round the clock, but it’s not recommended.

A quality light-dark cycle is critical in improving plant yield and health. While the lights are on, the plants are typically transmuting energy, but when lights are off, plants are resting.

You can automate the light-dark cycles by using grow light timers. These systems have built-in clocks and allow your plants to receive both light and darkness in appropriate servings.

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Traits of Quality Grow Light Timers

The following are some of the characteristics of quality grow light timers:

1. Solid Build

Grow light timers may be made of diverse materials and feature different designs. It takes robust material and powerful designs to create sturdy grow lights. One of the best materials for creating grow light timers is the extra-fortified plastic, as it doesn’t crack or shatter to pieces.

2. Battery Backup

When growing hemp or marijuana plants in an outdoor setting, you’re sure that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening. However, when relying on an artificial power source, you’re not guaranteed 100% uptime. And so, it’s critical to use grow light timers with auto-backup features, ensuring that normal light-dark periods are had even during outages.

3. Safety Guaranteed

Light is essential for photosynthesis and it influences cannabinoid content. However, the lighting system needs to have good safety standards to avoid accidents or minimize performance. Quality grow light timers are typically safety guaranteed.

4. Outstanding Features

Quality grow light timers typically have various features that enhance their performance. For instance, trigger cords enable you to create different timing schedules; and high temp shut-offs protect your lighting system in cases of excessive temperature.

Benefits of Light-Dark Cycles in Indoor Hemp and Marijuana Growing

Leveraging the light-dark cycle is critical in improving plant yield and health.

Chlorophyll: this is a plant asset, which transmutes light into food, aiding plant development. Light manipulation can exert an influence on the production of the right forms of chlorophyll needed by plants at varying stages of the plant development cycle.

Bloom: the capacity of a cannabis plant to hit the optimum levels in bud production is dependent on numerous factors. By manipulating light-dark cycles, you can improve bud production, and thus be in a position to experience massive ROI.

Temperature: if the lights are left running for prolonged times, or throughout, the temperatures within the grow room can potentially rise. And, supposing you don’t have quality ventilation, the heat can damage plant structure and phyto-compounds of the cannabis plant. However, by balancing the light-dark cycles, you minimize heat accumulation and allow your plants to become healthy.

Types of Grow Light Timers

The following are some of the common types of grow light timers:

  1. Single outlet timers; easy-to-use light-timing systems that support one light.
  2. Dual outlet timers; simple lighting-timing systems that support two lights.
  3. Mechanical grow light timers; also called analog timers, these grow light timers are typically controlled with dials and switches. Thanks to their simple build, mechanical grow light timers are great for energy conservation. However, on the downside, mechanical grow lights are not particularly convenient, as they always need an operator.
  4. Digital grow light timers; as the name suggests these grow light timers are digitized. You can program them to put the lights on and off at certain periods. These are highly convenient and make for high performance.