The Best Grow Light Hangers & Movers

Many hemp and marijuana growers like practicing indoor farming because it grants them complete control of the growing factors and environment.

One of these factors is light. For an indoor grow setup, you need to install your lighting system, to mimic the sun and support plant performance.

Grow light hangers are used for positioning the grow lights at the best angle within the grow room, and the optimal range is dependent on the lighting type.

Grow light movers help with mimicking the sun’s movement. As the name suggests, grow light movers put the grow lights in motion, thus boosting light penetration and convenience.

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Traits of Quality Grow Light Hangers & Movers

When grow lights are positioned well and glide across the plant canopy resourcefully, it raises the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis plants, thus increasing yield.

The following are some of the characteristics of quality grow light hangers and movers:

Tear and rust-resistant: in a grow room there are all sorts of particles that can trigger degradation. And so, you need to ensure that your grow light hangers and movers are made from superior materials, thus enabling you to use them over numerous grow cycles.

Powerful and robust build: the grow room ecosystem is supported by diverse components, and the interior environment of a grow room can be somewhat hostile. And so, to avoid inconsistencies, or underperformance, ensure the grow light hangers and movers are made of robust materials to guarantee tenacity and weight capacity.

Safety guarantee: grow light hangers and movers should adhere to safety for both plants and humans. They need to have a high weight capacity and be comprised of stable elements. Poorly fabricated grow light hangers and movers can pose serious safety gaps.

Types of Grow Light Hangers

For the grow lights to perform optimally, it’s critical to adjust their height at different stages of plant development. The goal is to achieve ample lighting without burning plants.

The height at which grow lights should be placed above plants is influenced by different factors such as light intensity and light type.

But, generally, HID grow lights should be placed at 12 – 20” above plants; LED grow lights at 15 – 25”; and fluorescents at 7” – 11”.

The following are some of the common types of grow light hangers:

  1. Adjustable grow light hangers
  2. Hanging chains
  3. Hanging brackets
  4. Wire cable hangers
  5. V-hook hangers

How to Safely Hang Your Grow Lights

There are different types of grow lights. The style of hanging your grow lights is influenced by their design and third-party accessories.

If your grow room features some beams, you can attach the grow light, or the grow light mover system onto the beams and unleash the light.

For safety concerns, the grow lights and the grow light mover systems should be secured robustly onto the frame, thus preventing accidents and malfunctions.

Before installing the grow light hangers, you need to consider the grow room space, the number of grow lights, and other grow light accessories.

When you hang the grow lights properly, the plants receive ample lighting, thus exerting a positive contribution to plant yield.

Benefits of Grow Light Movers

Grow light movers are super-efficient in improving light distribution and absorption. The following are some of the benefits of installing grow light movers in your grow room.

  1. They minimize hotspots and shadows, thus boosting light absorption and minimizing plant damage.
  2. The even distribution of light promotes heat distribution, and thus minimizes the heat levels within the grow room. It’s important to keep the heat levels down to protect plants from damage.
  3. They duplicate the sun’s movement and ensure that all plants in the grow environment receive sufficient light.