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The Best Dab Nails & Bangers for CBD Wax

Researchers suggest that CBD has numerous therapeutic benefits including managing pain and anxiety and boosting cognitive health.

Now, CBD exists in diverse forms, and one of the ways of ingesting CBD is through dabbing. Dabbing involves vaporizing CBD forms such as wax and shatter.

The dab nail is one of the critical dabbing accessories. This part is typically heated with a torch and then some concentrate is applied to release vapor.

Quality dab nails need to be the right size, and they need to be made of sturdy material, as this helps with preserving the taste and flavor of CBD concentrates.

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How to Season a Dab Nail

When you buy a dab kit, you’ll find the dab nail is not necessarily of the highest quality. The manufacturers expect you to make an upgrade to the dab nail you like best. Choosing the right dab nail makes a positive influence on your dabbing experience.

Fresh-from-factory dab nails usually have a slightly displeasing taste. But, to get rid of this taste, you need to season the dab nail. Seasoning the dab nail removes the dirt and residues that lingers post-manufacturing, thus eliminating the displeasing and metallic taste.

Always remember that these chemical agents and heavy metal residues don’t just ruin the taste but can also become a risk to your health.

The following are simple steps to seasoning the dab nail.

  1. Attach the dab nail to the dab rig.
  2. Put on the blowtorch and heat the nail until it reddens.
  3. Scoop some CBD wax with a dabber and install it on the heated nail and spread.
  4. Allow the CBD resources to stew.
  5. Ensure not to overheat the nail.
  6. Repeat the process three times over.

Traits of Quality Dab Nails

The following are some of the characteristics of quality dab nails:

Great functionality: there are many categories of dab nails out there, and their capabilities can be hugely varied. Ideally, you need a dab nail that’s excellent at transforming your CBD concentrates into delicious vapors when the conditions have been met.

Safety standards: part of keeping the dab nails safe is ensuring that they are made of the right material. Blowtorches operate at extreme temperatures, so it’s critical for dab nails to withstand the heat without developing faults that might lead to safety issues.

Right size: quality dab rigs need to have the right size. They also need to be the correct gender. For instance, if the joint of the dab rig is male, you’ll need a female dab nail; and if the joint of the dab rig is female, you’ll need a male dab nail.

Sturdy material: dab nails come in different materials. Quality dab nails need to be made of robust material to ensure they are convenient and long-lasting.

Dab Nail Materials

Dab kits usually come with a glass dab nail, but then glass isn’t the best material for making dab nails, at least when compared to other alternatives like titanium and quartz.

Quartz dab nails: they have a close resemblance to glass, but they are more powerful and durable. Quartz dab nails catch heat faster (and retain heat longer) than glass dab nails. Thanks to their robust build, they don’t have any lingering aftertaste.

Titanium dab nails: titanium dab nails have excellent durability, have a strong build, and usually heat up within a short time.

Ceramic dab nails: ceramic dab nails might not be too quick to heat up, but they have an excellent heat retention capacity.

Dab Nail Shapes & Styles

The following are some common shapes and styles of dab nails:

Domeless nails: these are ideal for people that like dabbing daily. As the name suggests, they are lacking a dome, and you only place the wax and are good to go.

Domed nails: you first heat them, install some CBD concentrate, and then place the dome. This design allows for vapor retention but can also open up to mishandling.

Banger nails: with a bucket-like design, these dab nails are easy to use and maintain. The design ensures the dabs won’t leak.

E-nails: these are coming to replace the blowtorch. With an e-nail, you can measure out the temperature and achieve fast heating rates.