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The Best CBN Products

CBN, short for cannabinol, is one of the cannabinoids gotten from the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid can also be created synthetically.

CBN is typically formed when THC suffers degradation over time, usually from being exposed to heat, air, light, and other agents of the atmosphere.

Although other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG might be more popular than CBN, this cannabinoid (CBN) was discovered earlier than them.

One of the things that people wonder about CBN is whether it packs the same level of psychotropic features that its parent (THC) is known for.

And the short answer is no, CBN has no psychotropic effects, but then it has been suggested to achieve a range of therapeutic benefits.

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What are the Traits of the Best CBN Products?

CBN may not be present in large quantities in fresh cannabis, but it is typically available in higher amounts in older cannabis products, especially if the cannabis product has been allowed to experience oxidation.

You have the option of ingesting CBN along with other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, and you also have the option of consuming isolated CBN. The following are some of the indicators of quality CBN products.

1. Organic CBN

CBN is formed when THC degrades over time from being exposed to heat, air, and light. But, the quality of CBN, is determined by the quality of THC. And so, ensure that you use organic, and not synthetic, THC.

2. Independent Tests

Every CBD company claims to offer high-quality CBN products. However, to verify whether such claims by a company are true or not, you need to check to see evidence of a 3rd party lab test. The lab test is typically done by an independent lab, and it aims to establish whether the CBN product contains all the ingredients in proper amounts and whether it has no harmful agents.

3. Reputation

Since CBN is a minor cannabinoid, isolated CBN is usually pricier. The last thing you want when buying CBN products is for you to buy low-quality products. Quality CBN products usually have a good reputation. And so, always check to see the reputation when shopping for CBN products.

How to Use CBN

CBN products come in different forms; tinctures, topicals, edibles, smokables, etc. When judging whether a CBN product is ideal or not, you need to consider whether the ingestion style will fulfill your needs.

CBN for acne: if you’re fighting acne, you can apply CBN topicals to your skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties will help promote skin integrity.

CBN for neuroprotection: CBN has been suggested to be capable of resisting the development of neural diseases and certain mental disorders, thus improving neuroprotection. Sublingual CBN ingestion is ideal.

CBN for eating disorders: CBN has a positive influence when it comes to managing eating disorders and conditions like nausea. You can take CBN supplements to improve your appetite and ensure your body is nourished.

CBN for sleep disorders: many people are troubled by sleep disorders like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. By swallowing some CBN gummies before hitting the bed, it can reduce symptoms.

CBN and CBD: What’s the Difference?

Both CBN and CBD are cannabinoids that belong to the cannabis plant. However, CBD is a major cannabinoid while CBN is a minor cannabinoid.

CBN is formed when THC destabilizes over time thanks to being exposed to air and light. CBD is formed by the decarboxylation of CBDA.

Both CBN and CBD have no psychoactive properties, and so, you could ingest either one and you wouldn’t experience any mental high.

When shopping for CBN products, you want to be sure that you’re buying quality products, as this will help you experience the desired CBN effects.