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The Best CBD Vape Pens

The good part about incorporating CBD into your routines is that you’re not stuck with a few options as far as the consumption methods.

Vaping is one of the rising methods of CBD consumption, and it involves vaporizing CBD resources, usually vape juice or dry herb, and inhaling that mist.

A CBD vape pen is a stylish and handheld vaping device that supplies low to medium heat to convert the CBD vape juice into a lightweight vape cloud.

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran CBD consumer, you would enjoy vaping CBD. Also, CBD vaping would be ideal for people looking to drop their cigarette addiction.

10 Best CBD Vape Pens

1. 02VAPE

2. Central Vapors

3. Zone CBD Vape Pen

4. VidaCBD Vape Pens

5. Bonata CBD Vapes

6. CBDfx Vape Pens

7. Woodies CBD Vape Pen

8. Harmony CBD Vape Pens

9. Extract Labs CBD Vape Pens

10. TribeTokes CBD Vape Pens

Traits of Quality CBD Vape Pens

There are numerous brands of CBD vape pens out there, but these aren’t on the same level as far as quality. When looking to buy a CBD vape pen, there are certain qualities you need to consider.

1. Temperature Control

Unlike smoking, where you light your dry herbs and allow the combustion to take over, with vaping, you can vary the degree of temperature. And so, you want a CBD vape pen with advanced temperature modulation properties. This feature allows you to preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids and improve the experience.

2. Batteries

Batteries are the most critical components of a CBD vape pen. Ideally, the batteries should be easy to charge and should provide top performance. The batteries need to have rapid recharging capabilities. Also, you should observe certain precautions to keep your battery from going off and harming you.

3. Materials

What material is the vape pen made of? Some materials are weak and hazardous, e.g. plastic, and using vape pens made of weak and hazardous materials would increase device vulnerability, distort CBD flavor, or potentially trigger health problems. Quality CBD vape pens are typically made of medical-grade metals, ceramic, and quartz.

4. Design

CBD vape pens come in a huge range of styles, but you need to check to see that the style isn’t weird, or too off the charts. A powerful design in a CBD vape pen not only makes for ease of handling, but also increases functionality, and this adds to the vaping experience.

5. Durability

One of the factors that determine the durability of a CBD vape pen is the material it is made of. CBD vape pens made of materials like plastic are less durable as opposed to CBD vape pens made out of medical-grade steel. Some other factors that preserve vape pen durability include a strong heating chamber and waterproof properties.

The Anatomy of a CBD Vape Pen

CBD vape pens come in a massive range. And so, different CBD vape pens typically have different parts and features. However, most CBD vape pens have the following basic parts.

Batteries: these supply the heat energy for converting CBD resources into an inhalable mist. They can be rechargeable or disposable, but you must take certain precautions to safeguard against accidents. When buying a CBD vape pen, always check to see battery capabilities.

Atomizers: this component plays a crucial role in vaporizing CBD vape juice. It consists of a coil and a wick, and upon the heating of the coil and the absorption of the vape juice by the wick, the vape juice is converted into a lightweight vapor.

Vape juice: this material is what becomes vaporized. Vape juices come in a range of strengths and flavors, and upon heating, they are converted into a vapor, so that you put your lips to the mouthpiece and take the vape hit

How to Use A CBD Vape Pen

Considering that CBD vape pens come in a range of styles and designs, there may not be a standard procedure for using the CBD vape pen.

Generally, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open the package and take out your vaping tools.
  2. Ensure the vaping hardware is properly linked.
  3. Push the power button and check to see whether it’s working.
  4. Bring your lips to the mouthpiece and take a hit.

One of the mistakes that newbies make is setting the temperatures so far high, that the CBD vape juice gets burned to the point that terpenes and other compounds are ruined. You want to start with low-temperature ranges until you hit the perfect spot.

CBD vape juices may be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate, but generally, full-spectrum CBD vape juices possess a greater range of therapeutic benefits, thanks to their ability to stimulate the entourage effect.

Benefits of Using a CBD Vape Pen

Many people enjoy using CBD vape pens for the following reasons:

Lightweight: vape pens are compact and handheld devices, and so, it’s easy to bring them on your travels, as they don’t take up large space. If your lifestyle is characterized by tons of moving, a CBD vape pen would be a super ideal addition to your stuff.

Safer than smoking: when smoking a joint, you typically inhale the by-products of burned rolling paper, and you may inhale ash. The hot smoke usually irritates the throats of inexperienced smokers, and the toxic by-products can be calamitous in the long term. However, vape pens use low to medium heat to produce CBD vapor, and this vapor is lightweight and filtered, thus it doesn’t harm your throat tissues or bring up health issues.

Discreet: with smoking, you can see the conspicuous threads of white smoke, accompanied by a distinct odor. But, with CBD vaping, the mist is less conspicuous, and also, the vapor may be flavored, thus making it less likely for passers-by to detect cannabis.

Issues that May Stop Your CBD Vape Pen from Working

When you try to use your CBD vape pen and it just won’t work, don’t grow worried, but first check to see that you have done the following.

  1. Push the activate button five times.
  2. Ensure the cartridge is connected properly, and not loose.
  3. If you’ve made a replacement, ensure the cartridge is the proper fit.
  4. Check to see that the battery and coil aren’t defective.
  5. Check to see if the batteries are charged.

Maintenance Tips for Your CBD Vape Pen

Ensure your CBD vape pen serves you for a long time by following these maintenance tips:

1. Store your vape pen in designated spaces as opposed to putting it carelessly.

2. Avoid using any charger but stick with the manufacturer-issued charger.

3. Use only the specific vape juice approved for your vape pen. Using unapproved materials would cause problems.

4. Clean your vape pen regularly to eliminate residues and preserve top performance.

5. Make sure you understand the design and construction style of the vape pen, as it helps when doing various things like cleaning.