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The Best CBD Hemp Cigarettes

To an average tobacco smoker, the hardest thing to have to do is go cold turkey on nicotine. However, the addiction may be easily overcome by turning to CBD smoking.

CBD cigarettes, also known as hemp cigarettes or hempettes, are cigarettes that are made of CBD flower but don’t contain any nicotine, tobacco, or chemical ingredients.

When you smoke a CBD cigarette, you never experience any psychotropic effects, as CBD flower contains minuscule levels of the psychoactive compound, THC.

Smoking CBD makes for rapid activation of CBD effects as well as greater therapeutic benefits thanks to the synergistic effects of cannabinoids and other CBD compounds.

10 Best CBD Hemp Cigarettes

1. Wild Hemp

2. Shaman Smokes

3. Sugar

4. Hemmfy

5. Oklahoma Smokes

6. Hemp and Barrel

7. Mountain Smokes

8. TIMBR™ Organics

9. Restart CBD

10. The Real Stuff

Traits of Quality Hemp CBD Cigarettes

There are many brands of CBD cigarettes out there. But, quality CBD cigarettes usually have the following characteristics.

1. They are organic

Quality CBD cigarettes utilize organic hemp resources. The rolling papers and filters are typically made of hemp pulp, and the CBD flower is derived from organically farmed industrial hemp. Low-quality CBD cigarettes utilize synthetic hemp and inorganic additives.

2. They burn evenly

When you put a quality CBD cigarette in your mouth and light it, the cigarette burns evenly, because the CBD flower is properly ground, and the cigarette is properly rolled. Low-quality CBD cigarettes contain chunky and inconsistent CBD buds that make for an uneven burn.

3. They have negligible THC

The law prohibits CBD products that contain more than 0.3% THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that triggers a mental high. Quality CBD cigarettes have low amounts of THC, which play a critical role in boosting their therapeutic properties.

4. They have a great reputation

You can tell whether a brand of hemp CBD cigarettes is of good quality or bad quality based on the reviews that the brand has generated. Check their online stats, ratings, and reviews left by customers to decide what their reputation is like.

Can Hemp CBD Cigarettes Help You Overcome Your Nicotine Addiction?

If you smoke cigarettes often, you probably have become addicted to nicotine, and you find it hard to stop smoking cigarettes. However, it can be achieved through CBD cigarettes. The following are some of the ways that CBD cigarettes help with minimizing nicotine addiction.

Defuses the smoking triggers: when a smoker comes across smoking-related materials, they might take it as a cue to indulge in cigarettes. However, CBD helps minimize a person’s vulnerability to smoking cues. By taking CBD, a person is in a better position to resist smoking cigarettes.

Rewires nicotine cravings: the reason why it’s difficult for a person to quit cigarettes is that they always find themselves craving nicotine which causes them to relapse. However, CBD has been suggested to exert a positive neurobiological effect that helps minimize nicotine cravings.

Healthier alternative: the thing is, cigarettes come with a disclaimer that excessive tobacco use is harmful to one’s health. The nicotine and other additives can increase your risk of lung cancer. However, CBD contains cannabinoids and natural compounds that promote health by helping manage various conditions like pain, anxiety, and epilepsy. And so, given that CBD cigarettes have a similar look to tobacco cigarettes, except that they are safer and healthier, then CBD cigarettes are amazing for anyone looking to quit their cigarette addiction.

Tips for Overcoming Tobacco Addiction with CBD Cigarettes

Use the following tips to get rid of your cigarette addiction:

  1. Get rid of tobacco products and replace them with CBD products and complementary accessories.
  2. Ensure you have CBD cigarettes with you, so that if the urge to smoke comes, you may smoke a CBD cigarette.
  3. Develop healthy lifestyle choices like observing a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and cutting ties with people that might influence you to smoke tobacco.
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