CBD dabs are concentrated forms of CBD. They come in a diverse range of forms such as wax, crystals, shatter, and crumble.

CBD wax typically has a dark and oily appearance and is the highest popular dab material; CBD crumble almost resembles CBD wax except it is fragile and less sticky; CBD shatter has a solid texture, and CBD crystal refers to concentrated CBD in powder form.

Dabbing CBD refers to vaporizing CBD dabs and inhaling the CBD-rich vapor. The dab rig is the standard dabbing equipment. It involves heating the nail and then adding some CBD dabs to the nail so that the vape clouds emanate.

Although dabbing is a recent ingestion method, many CBD consumers have been embracing it, as it is a fast and effective way of enjoying potent CBD effects.

10 Best CBD Dabs & Concentrates

1. Tweedle Farms

2. Extract Labs

3. Sauce Warehouse

4. Steves Goods

5. Metta Hemp

6. Simple Garden CBD

7. Higher Love Wellness

8. 253 Farmacy

9. Cheef Botanicals

10. Canatura

Traits of Quality CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are sold under many brands out there, but you want to be careful when buying so that you don’t end up with low-quality CBD concentrates. The following are some of the traits of quality CBD dabs.

1. High Purity Standards

CBD dabs are made out of hemp pulp, and they typically undergo several manufacturing processes. And so, if the manufacturing standards are not high, there’s a likelihood of producing tainted CBD dabs. One of the signs that the CBD dabs are pure is when the product is marked as third-party lab tested. The independent lab tests ascertain that the CBD dabs don’t contain any toxic elements, residues, or chemicals.

2. Quality Extraction Method

CBD may be extracted from hemp through varied methods. Some extraction methods are archaic while some extraction methods are modern and advanced. Generally, the supercritical C02 extraction method is the standard extraction method for most CBD companies, as it is automated, and achieves the best outcome. A quality extraction method, like the supercritical C02 extraction method, has a positive influence in the quality of CBD dabs.

3. Terpenes

When preparing CBD dabs, many compounds need to be eliminated so that the CBD dabs attain a concentrated form. However, terpenes need to be included in the CBD dabs, as they are critical for boosting the therapeutic benefits of CBD, in a process known as the entourage effect. Terpenes are the aromatic chemical compounds of cannabis, and they play an important role in boosting the effectiveness of CBD.

Things You Need to Dab CBD

The following are some of the accessories needed for standard CBD dabbing:

Dab rig: this is a type of water pipe designed particularly for vaporizing dabs and concentrates. Dab rigs come in a range of sizes and features, and thanks to their filtration and cooling effects, you get to take smooth and flavourful CBD hits.

Dab nail: a dab nail is one of the critical components of a dab rig. This is the material heated with a torch, before the dab is placed on it, thus combusting it and unlocking potent vapor.

Dabber: this tool helps with divvying up, handling, scooping, and placing CBD dabs onto the dab nail. Avoid handling CBD dabs with naked hands as you needlessly lose your resources, and you might subject yourself to injuries.

Torch: before vaporizing the CBD dabs, you need to heat the dab nail sufficiently. This may be achieved by using a butane-powered torch.

CBD concentrate/dab: this is the CBD resource at the center of dabbing. CBD concentrates, or dabs may come in varied forms including wax, crumble, and shatter.

It’s important to also note that CBD dabs may be dabbed through other equipment such as dab pens.

The Pros of Dabbing CBD

The following are some advantages of dabbing CBD:

  1. You enjoy clean and pure vapors. Unlike CBD joints or prerolls, where the rolling paper is burned to release some toxic by-products that you end up inhaling, dabbing equipment isn’t tainted by any by-products, and so, you get to enjoy clean vapors.
  2. You enjoy potent effects. In standard CBD products like gummies and topicals, the CBD concentrations are not necessarily high. However, CBD dabs typically have high CBD concentrations, thus the effects are typically potent.
  3. It is ideal in social arrangements. If you like taking CBD with your friends, dab rigs make for convenient dabbing amongst friends, as they take turns to draw hits.