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The Best Cartridge Filling Machines

With more people embracing CBD vaping, the demand for vape cartridges is high. Vape cartridge filling machines help to minimize oil wastage and boost production.

Without such machines, you’re forced to fill the vape cartridges by hand, which is not just time-consuming and wearisome but also sabotages your standardization goals.

Investing in vape cartridge filling machines is an important step in speeding up production. The vape cartridge filling machines come in different features and designs.

Vape companies can leverage these filling machines to lower production costs, mitigate labor costs, increase profit margins, and meet the high demand for vape cartridges.

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What are the Traits of the Best Vape Cartridge Filling Machines?

Cartridge filling machines come in varied designs and features. The following are some of the traits of quality cartridge filling machines.

1. Flexible Piston Fillers

Quality cartridge filling machines feature robust piston fillers that put exact amounts of vape oils or extracts into the vape cartridges. The semi-automated piston fillers incorporate control settings that can be adjusted to suit both small and large vape cartridges.

2. Outstanding Efficiency

Companies invest in cartridge filling machines to be able to speed up their production and increase sales. Quality cartridge filling machines usually have great efficiency and can be relied upon. Ideally, they can fill up to 50 units in just 5 minutes.

3. Oil Integrity

Inferior cartridge filling machines lack the mechanism for protecting vape oil from being destabilized. But superior cartridge filling machines are designed to protect your vape oil. They feature insulation properties that protect vape oil from being heated.

4. Sturdy Build and Materials

Some of the factors that influence the lifespan of a filling machine are its design and the material it is made of. Quality cartridge filling machines have a quality design, and their parts are made with sturdy materials like anodized aluminum alloys, which promotes lifespan.

5. Flexibility

CBD companies usually offer e-liquids of varying concentrations. Quality cartridge filling machines should be flexible to fulfill both small and large oil concentrations. Generally, they should be able to handle 50 ml batches and 950 ml batches.

6. Quality Screen

The screen allows for easy control of settings and adjustments. It allows you to easily adjust the shot size, product counter, and purge button. With the correct settings, you are less likely to create a mess, and it allows you to fill the cartridges with outstanding accuracy.

Parts and Accessories

The following are some of the critical parts and accessories of cartridge filling machines:

Oil tank: this is the cylindrical tank that feeds the oil into the machine. Quality oil tanks can be switched out with ease, as this allows them to serve different flavors and so on.

SpeedTray: this part is designed for holding vape cartridges. There are different types of SpeedTrays with different designs and capacities.

Heated water circulator: this is a critical heating element in the cartridge filling machine. Quality filling machines have no heating lamps. The heated water circulator is consistent.

Metal Luer locks: these can be connected with the filler nose for easier syringe filling.

Benefits of Cartridge Filling Machines

By using the cartridge filling machine, there are many benefits to be had.

1. Minimal Wastage of Oil

When you’re filling cartridges by hand, there’s a huge likelihood to waste the vape oil through poor coordination. However, when you use the cartridge filling machine, you get to fill the cartridge with exact amounts of vape oil.

2. Increased production

Manual processes are something that can slow down production and cause you to fail in meeting the demand. Filling the cartridges by hand slows down production. However, using the cartridge filling machine allows you to speed up the production and hit your goals.

3. Vape Oil Integrity

With manual handling of vape oil, there’s a possibility of ruining the vape oil integrity. However, with an automated filling of the vape cartridges, there’s a lower likelihood of contaminating vape oil or destabilizing the vape oil with heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions about cartridge filling machines:

How Fast is the Cartridge Filling Machine?

The automatic filling machine can fill more than 1000 units per hour.

How Long Should the Cartridge Sit After Filling?

Upon filling, install the mouthpiece and seal the cartridge. Without rapid sealing, it can lead to leakage.

How to Clean the Cartridge Filling Machine?

Regular cleaning is essential. Start with disassembling and then soak a damp cloth in alcohol and wipe the parts of the cartridge filling machine.