The Best Carb Caps

If you’re into dabbing CBD concentrates, you have probably used a dab rig. The dab rig is a water pipe and a popular tool for dabbing CBD wax.

To function properly, you need to attach a dab nail to the dab rig, and some dab nails have a dome compartment while others are domeless.

Carb caps are designed for domeless dab nails. To use the carb cap, you start with heating the dab nail, placing the wax on the nail, and then installing the carb cap on the nail.

Carb caps allow for smooth and delicious hits. They preserve heat within the nail and cause the CBD vapor to stew. Carb caps allow you to take hits as the temperature goes down.

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Traits of Quality Carb Caps

As the name suggests, this accessory resembles a cap. Carb caps come in different styles and materials and help with regulating airflow within the dab nail. The following are some of the traits of quality carb caps:

1. Sturdy Material

The material that the carb cap is made of can influence its performance. Some of the best materials for carb caps include quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Sturdy materials have high heat resistance, and thus they deliver clean hits and are durable.

2. Size and Shape

For the best experience, your carb cap needs to be the correct size and shape. Carb caps are typically fitted onto dab nails, and dab nails come in different shapes and sizes. And so, you need to get the details of the dab nail down to avoid buying unsuitable carp caps.

3. Convenient Design

The best carp caps have an expedient design. They have a smooth and robust build and they gel properly with the nail. Carb caps come in varying designs, and you need to choose what works best to achieve the best dabbing experience. For instance, directional flow carb caps are best used with domeless nails; bubble carb caps are best with bucket bangers.

What’s the Ideal Temperature for Dabbing?

In other words, low temp dabs or high temp dabs? Your dabbing temperature can determine whether your experience is going to be great or not so great.

Low temp dabs are characterized by vaporizing CBD concentrates at low temperatures, and the major benefit is that the oils and the terpenes, and the compounds are preserved.

High temp dabs are characterized by vaporizing CBD concentrates at high temperatures, but the excessive heat typically injures the plant compounds including terpenes and flavonoids.

With high temp dabs, the excessive heat usually damages terpenes (the aromatic molecules that influence taste) and distorts the flavor.

If you’re new to dabbing, you’re likely to use high temp dabs. You are likely to heat the nail excessively before dropping the wax, and the resultant taste is not the best.

And so, the carb cap allows you to dab CBD wax at relatively low temperatures, thus allowing the CBD vapor to stew and retain all its compounds including terpenes and flavonoids.

Generally, low temp dabs are far better than high temp dabs, and carb caps are an essential dabbing accessory.

How to Use a Carb Cap

There are different types of carb caps, but they have a standard modus operandi. The following are the steps of using a carb cap.

  1. Open the blowtorch and heat the nail sufficiently.
  2. Using the dabber, scoop some CBD wax and drop it on the hot nail.
  3. Install the carb cap on the dab nail.
  4. Adjust the carb cap up and down until you achieve the desired airflow and pressure.

Cleaning the Carb Cap

After using the carb cap many times over, the dirt spots can pop up. And so, it’s important to keep the carb cap clean. You can clean it by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol and wiping it with a damp cloth before rinsing and patting it dry. The frequency of cleaning is typically determined by the frequency of use.

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