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The Anxious Pet Review

The Anxious Pet is a pet CBD store on a mission to eliminate anxiety from your furry friends with hemp oil, soft chews, supplement bars, and wellness kits.

Both cats and dogs cannot talk to us to express that they’re anxious, but we can deduce it from their behavior; some dead giveaways include barking, trembling, and hiding.

Anxiety attacks in pets can stem from different things: illness, separation, aging, loneliness, and diet, but you need your furry friend to overcome anxiety and become a sunny little fellow once again.

The Anxious Pet was started by a team that understands animal psychology and they will help your pet recover from anxiety disorders.

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What The Anxious Pet Offers

To help your pets lead an anxiety-free existence, the Anxious Pet formulated winning CBD products; are lab-tested, and veterinarian-approved.

All their products are made in the USA, using top-notch processing facilities, and they help with anxiety, mobility issues, cognitive support, and relaxation.

Hemp oil: it can be administered singly or by mixing with dog treats, but sublingual administration makes for higher bioavailability and action onset.

Soft chews: as the dogs bite into them, they have no idea they are taking a healthy CBD dosage to eliminate their anxiety.

Supplement bars: they are loaded with cannabidiol and other nutrients, but supplement bars have appetizing flavors and so pets cannot resist them.

Wellness kits: nothing better when it comes to preserving the health of your pets.

How The Anxious Pet CBD Products Eliminates Anxiety

As earlier noted, if your pet is anxious, the signs will always be there; look for clinginess, mood changes, barking, withdrawing, and trembling.

Some pet owners once they spot an unbecoming behavior from their pet they seek to stop the behavior without treating the root cause.

By administering pet CBD, you can rescue your pet from an anxiety attack, as cannabidiol interacts with the ECS, inducing calm and relaxation.

All CBD products by The Anxious Pet are specially formulated and veterinary-approved, and they’ll help your pet lead a happy existence.

Pros of The Anxious Pet

  • Approved by veterinarians. The reason why their pet CBD products seem to work extremely well is that they involve veterinarians at the processing stage. The ingredients are properly calibrated, with no deficiency or surplus, thus making for top-quality products.
  • 3rd-party lab-testing. Before the product is put on the market, a lab test is first performed, to ascertain the product is high quality. They make these reports public, and you may go look them up, something that customers appreciate.
  • 100% natural ingredients. It starts all the way back in sourcing raw ingredients (industrial hemp) and they make sure that the industrial hemp is free of pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and toxic chemicals. They strictly use organically-grown, non-GMO ingredients.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee. When you give your pet any CBD product from The Anxious Pet, you should see a positive change in as little as a week, for some reason if you not be satisfied, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee to protect you.
  • Excellent product packaging. You can always tell whether a company is heavyweight or shitty by its product packaging. The Anxious Pet scores highly for this, and customers are elated once the package arrives.
  • Amazing flavors. The easiest way to get your dog to reject CBD is by associating it with displeasure, which can happen if you administer raw CBD oil, but then The Anxious Pet CBD products have amazing flavors that mask the taste of raw CBD oil, thus appetizing.

Cons of The Anxious Pet

  • Limited product categories. Pet stores usually have infinite product categories, but The Anxious Pet only has a few products, but then it’s a young company, hopefully, they expand as they generate more revenue.


The Anxious Pet creates quality pet CBD products by using natural botanical extracts and these products are proven effective at fighting away pet anxiety.

It seems they got every step right, but it’s down to the fact that their products are veterinary formulated, and have the highest quality.

Their pet CBD products are excellent at fighting off anxiety in both cats and dogs, and they be having incredible flavors. Check them out.