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Tank Glass Bong Pros and Cons

As the name suggests, this bong is a powerhouse of a smoking accessory that provides smooth and joyful cannabis tokes. The glass incorporates towering features and is stitched together with amazing craftsmanship that guarantees longevity and outstanding effectiveness. In the table below, we showcase some of the pros and cons of the tank glass bong:

✔ It has a high melting point and therefore it doesn’t negatively impact the smoke flavor, which cannot be said of materials with low melting points like plastic❌ Since it’s made of glass, the bong can easily shatter into pieces if it is dropped to the floor
✔ Although it’s made out of glass, the architecture is solid and of great standing, and the glass is designed to serve you for long❌ Unlike silicone bongs, the glass bong is somewhat heavier and fragile, thus making it less ideal for traveling with
✔ Crafted by talented and experienced artists, the design and element infusions are topnotch, thus causing the glass to look special and beautiful
✔ Since the bong is made of glass, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain, thus keeping it in an everlasting state of freshness
✔ The bong is optimized for increasing water surface, thus ensuring that the smoke is well-filtered and cool, making the tokes delicious
✔ The bong can be easily customized to suit your tastes and preferences
✔ The tank bong is cool and fresh and provides 100% canna smoke that is untainted by materials like rolling papers

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