Sunwest Genetics is a top-tier marijuana seed company based out of Vancouver, Canada. One of their main goals is diversifying cannabis genetics to give consumers more options.

Human beings have used marijuana for recreational and medical reasons since the ancient era, but for some odd reason, governments had banned it.

But now, scientific reports are coming out, validating the numerous benefits of marijuana, and marijuana has recently become legalized in many countries around the world.

The demand for marijuana is up, and more people are growing it for private use and others are growing it for commercial reasons.

In order to get quality marijuana plants, you need quality marijuana seeds, and Sunwest Genetics is a premium marijuana seed company to help you grow superior marijuana plants.

Important Things to Know

  • Sunwest Genetics has built a prestigious reputation over 12 years for offering high-quality marijuana seeds. You’re spoilt for choice whether you want autoflowering, regular, or feminized
  • Sunwest Genetics guarantees an 80% success rate of seed germination. Most growers get a 100% germination rate, but different factors like experience and conditions may affect the germination rate.
  • Most seeds germinate within two days, but sometimes, it may take as long as seven days. The main factors that affect germination rate are the strain and conditions.
  • Sunwest Genetics seeds are fresh and viable, and they have a high germination rate, but there are several reasons why your seeds may fail to germinate: the seeds haven’t absorbed enough water, paper towels are super soggy, the germination room is super-hot, using impure water, and not following the right process during germination.
  • You can become a distributor for Sunwest Genetics. Some customers, upon seeing the quality of the seeds, decide to become distributors. If you’re interested in becoming one of their distributors, you just contact them, and they will get back to you.

What Sunwest Genetics Offers:

They have numerous strains on their menu, but these are some of the popular seeds:

Alien Candy Autoflowering: it contains high THC content and excellent for inducing calm and relaxation.

Aloha Autoflowering: beloved by both recreational users and medical marijuana patients, this strain fosters mental alertness and uplifting effects.

Animal Mint Autoflowering: this is the child of Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain induces a body-enveloping buzz.

Birthday Cake Feminized: succulent and creamy, it is a bonafide inducer of happiness.

Black Gorilla Feminized: indica dominant strain that causes a heady high.

Black Haze Feminized: this is the child of Colombian Gold, Colombian Black, and Purple Haze, it has high THC levels, and causes uplifting effects.

Kush Regular: indica strain with a pleasant aroma.

Blackberry Candy Regular: a sativa dominant strain that induces a balanced high.

Pros of Sunwest Genetics

  • High-quality seeds. Sunwest Genetics offers market-leading seeds. They issue an 80% germination guarantee but most of their customers experience a 100% germination rate.
  • Hundreds of strains. If you’re an experienced grower, your preferences are probably complex, and you require a broad menu. Sunwest Genetics provides diverse strains thus enabling you to get what you want, and also inspiring you at the same time.
  • Worldwide shipping. Sunwest Genetics ships its products around the world, and so, you have no reason to settle for mediocre seeds.
  • Stealth packaging. Only customers in Canada receive the seeds in the original packaging, but when shipping to other countries, they enforce discretion.
  • Fair pricing. Sunwest Genetics offers seeds at unbeatable prices.

Cons of Sunwest Genetics

  • No money-back guarantee. Considering the nature of the product, a money-back guarantee is not viable.


If you’re looking to have healthy marijuana plants, it starts with having quality marijuana seeds, and Sunwest Genetics is a reliable marijuana seed company.

They have an incredible menu, and you can order seeds from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of their 24/7 support to get your questions answered and get the best seeds.

Sunwest Genetics provides a guarantee of an 80% germination rate. Check them out.

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