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Sunday Scaries Review

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Sunday Scaries is a US-based cannabis company that proclaims itself “The Best CBD Company in the World.”

The company is owned by Mike and Beau, two guys that have always owned businesses jointly, and previously endured huge stress.

The name “Sunday Scaries” aptly captures how they used to stress over their business, and it seemed their goal of financial freedom was out of reach.

In their former lives, they were regularly battling motivation loss and irritability, but they discovered CBD and it made a world of difference.

While enjoying the numerous health benefits of CBD, it hit them that they could start selling CBD. They started the company and never glanced back.

What Sunday Scaries Offers

CBD gummies: people love CBD gummies because they can be consumed discreetly. Gummies have varying strengths and are delicious too. Whether you be stuck in a stressful job, or you want to attain relaxation and mental calm, you cannot go wrong with CBD gummies.

CBD oil: the price of CBD oil is mainly determined by its potency. Flavored CBD oils are more popular than raw CBD oils. They are typically ingested sublingually and make for rapid cannabidiol absorption. Some people forego direct administration and instead add CBD into food or drink.

CBD candies: you may suck on these infused candies to load up on CBD too. Kids may not like the taste of raw CBD oil but they are not gonna pass on infused candies.

Pros of Sunday Scaries

  • They put the customer first. The company was started by two entrepreneurs who are obsessed with getting everything right. The owners are not afraid of letting customers know they’ll move mountains to make them satisfied. It’s a breath of fresh air when you are aware of how cold and impersonal some companies can get.
  • Reward programs. The company extends various money-saving programs to its customers from discounts, to giveaways, and personalized services. In these tough economic times, any program that helps the customer to save is welcome as a cold drink on a summer day.
  • 30-days free trial. With their money-back guarantee, you are free to return their product and get your money back if you discover that their product is not working.
  • Amazing flavors. Raw CBD oil doesn’t have the best taste out there. But you can enhance the taste of CBD products with flavors like peppermint, strawberry, and vanilla. Sunday Scaries offers delicious products that encourage you to use CBD regularly.
  • Fast shipping. Tired of placing an order and then waiting for what seems to be forever? Sunday Scaries have a reputation for fast deliveries. Your order is processed and shipped in just one day.
  • Premium hemp products. Their CBD products are made with naturally-grown industrial hemp. The company only collaborates with licensed hemp farmers who observe the best farming practices.
  • Zero THC. If you work in an industry where you are regularly subjected to drug tests, you may still take their CBD products and it wouldn’t negatively affect the outcome. Also, the lack of THC means that you cannot possibly experience the mind-altering effects of THC.
  • High customer ratings. 98% of customers are pleased with Sunday Scaries as evidenced by their positive ratings.
  • Made in the USA. The company doesn’t import third-rate ingredients from overseas to minimize costs, but it sticks to the high American standards.


Mike and Beau turned to CBD to overcome their stress and depression, but eventually, they saw a demand for CBD and ran for it.

Whether you want to minimize work pressure, boost your mental focus, or manage your relationship-induced trauma, you can’t go wrong with CBD.

Sunday Scaries CBD products are THC-free and highly rated. Check them out.

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