Southwestern Illinois College to Offer Class on Cannabis Basics this Summer


The Southwestern Illinois College has created a cannabis class for this summer. The university is taking responsibility to educate students about cannabis as the popularity of cannabis grows across the country.

The college put up a post on its social media urging students who want to have a spot in the cannabis industry to enroll in their Cannabis 101 course.

The course will familiarize students with all facets of cannabis, including the history, law, and culture of cultivating and consuming cannabis.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing in the economy and one of the biggest job creators at present, and since the industry is still young, it has massive potential.

The university makes it clear that they are not going to sugarcoat about how cannabis is embraced in the present world but students will learn about the stigma attached to cannabis especially in times bygone.

Students will also learn about the regulations and legal challenges around the cultivation and sale of cannabis.