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Sol CBD, founded by Oksana and Larry, is one of the most innovative CBD companies. The founders are natural health experts and passionate about CBD.

Sol CBD creates market-leading products backed by research and science, and the company is also committed to providing accurate information about CBD.

Their liposomal technology is a late-model formula for boosting CBD absorption and triggering the effects in the shortest time possible.

Sol CBD’s customer service and support are outstanding. Whether you have a question, a concern, or feedback you’re met with a response in the least time.

Sol CBD may be centered on CBD, but the owners are passionate about cannabis as a whole. Cannabis has tremendous therapeutic benefits, but the plant is still somewhat restricted.

Sol CBD products are 100% organic, safe, and legal.

Important Things to Know

  • Liposomal CBD. Their liposomal CBD products make for greater bioavailability and thus, sharper and faster action.
  • Sol CBD products are of the best quality. They are based on premium, hemp-derived CBD, and prepared in a state-of-the-art facility. The products further undergo independent lab testing to ensure that they are safe and of the best quality.
  • They provide an infographic that helps with dosage recommendations. Granted, CBD is not harmful when taken excessively, but then taking an excessive amount can cause various side effects. Taking the proper dosage promotes maximum therapeutic effects of CBD.
  • Sol CBD products may be applied topically. Their products contain coconut oil and may be used externally to fight skin disorders, and relieve pain or soreness around the joints and muscles. Applying CBD topically regularly will leave your skin in great condition.
  • The products are created with passion. Sol CBD is not looking to just make a profit and expand, but the company was started by organic health experts who are deeply fond of cannabis, and their passion makes them put extra effort into crafting high-quality products.
  • They offer a free trial. This is what happens when a company believes in its products. Sol CBD products achieve effective results, and if they don’t, you can ask for your money back.

What Sol CBD Offers:

Advanced Liposomal CBD: it may be ingested orally or sublingually, but this innovative CBD product guarantees high bioavailability.

CBD Sleep Formula: pineapple-flavored CBD enhanced with nutrients for eliminating sleep disorders and enabling you to sleep soundly.

CBD Capsules: they are typically ingested orally, and they make for easy dosing. The capsules have an enhanced taste.

CBD Tincture: ingested sublingually, a CBD tincture accelerates the onset of CBD effects. The tinctures have natural and cinnamint flavors.

Dog & Cat CBD: CBD is excellent for promoting pet wellness. Some of its benefits include fighting anxiety, seizures, and improving digestive health.

CBD Balm: apply CBD onto your muscle and joints to relieve pain and achieve relaxation.

CBD Organic Skin Care: enhanced with organic ingredients and essential oils, this product will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, making you glow.

Pros of Sol CBD

  • Advanced liposomal technology. Sol CBD is at the forefront when it comes to innovation. Their liposomal technology enables them to create super-efficient CBD products.
  • They have excellent information resources. Sol CBD empowers its customers by providing accurate and relevant information relating to CBD. It keeps customers in the know and sharpens their capacity to make most-rewarding decisions.
  • The company is highly charitable. They have various programs to enable vulnerable people to get CBD: they support veterans and low-income households, and they also donate to charities.


As more people become aware of the therapeutic effects of CBD, they are turning away from drugs and opting for CBD to manage certain health problems.

Sol CBD has emerged as one of the most reliable CBD companies, and they have achieved their #1 spot through creating winning CBD products and provide first-rate services.

The company is highly innovative and many people are using its products to achieve relaxation and happiness without getting high. Check them out.

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