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Smokea Review

If you are on the net looking for smoking accessories, Smokea is one of the companies that search engines might bring up. And you probably wonder what this company is like.

It seems that those who started Smokea don’t like bragging, else there would be online posts about how they created one of the biggest head shops on the net.

This company is incorporated in Missouri and has been in the game for two decades. Their main competitors are companies like Grasscity and Smoke Cartel.

They are a legitimate company and they have many loyal customers and some haters too.

What Does Smokea Offer?

Unlike other top-rated head shops, Smokea doesn’t have an extensive collection of cannabis accessories. But the common ish is available.

If it is dry pipes; they have chillums, blunts, one-hitters, sherlocks, and steamrollers; and if it is water pipes, they have bongs, bubblers, and rigs.

Their accessories are made out of five different materials: acrylic, glass, silicone, metal, and wood, and they come in numerous shapes and designs.

They mostly sell their paraphernalia at retail price, but if you buy in bulk for your business, they are happy to give you wholesale deals.

You won’t run into any complications when shopping on their website. Items are categorized and there are descriptions to enhance your understanding of the product.

Pros of Smokea

  • They have been selling smoking paraphernalia since 1998. They must be doing something right or else customers would have long abandoned them. When assessing the value of a company, experience is too great a factor to leave out of the equation. It won’t be long before the house of congress legalizes marijuana, but business-savvy people will smell the opportunity and quickly start head shops. However, no matter how hard they think it through, they cannot be, initially at least, as good as a decades-old head shop.
  • Smokea doesn’t have an extensive range of accessories, and some people consider it a good thing because it speaks to a culture of specializing. They contract with the best manufacturers which is why their products are of superior quality.
  • If you have a complaint or question, you can get in touch with them, and they’ll be swift in replying, an area that many head shops lag in. Their customer satisfaction agents are on standby and you may contact them through various communication channels.
  • Their customers compliment them on fast shipping, an indication that this company is well-staffed and they care about impressing their customers. Considering the fragility of most smoking paraphernalia, you want your order to arrive as fast as possible.
  • If you’re a loyal customer, Smokea will reward you. They have a system for earning (and redeeming) points. Every time you shop with them or refer a customer, you earn points, and you may use these points to get discounts and free items. These points are known as tokins.
  • They have the “buy now pay later” option which is powered by ViaBill, a platform that enables customers to ease their tight budgets. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you may still order your items and clear the balance within four installments at zero interest!
  • Smokea offers its customers free shipping. Now, many companies may offer free shipping, but it’s typically for goods worth hundreds of dollars. But Smokea offers free shipping on items worth $10 and up. Customers can’t stop crowing about this!
  • They do a good job of shipping discreetly, but the aim is to protect you from judgmental people. You can rest assured that your information is safe with them.
  • Is your money tight? Just use Smokea’s low-price guarantee and they’ll make sure to beat prices and give you the product at the lowest cost imaginable. They have been playing this game for ages, and they can leverage their economies of scale to offer the best prices.
  • Returns are handled swiftly and without hassle. For the items to qualify for a refund, they have to have been purchased within the past 30 days, and still unused. If you wish to return your purchase, they have a system for that, and it protects you against loss.
  • They have several payment options. Cannabis companies may not have as many payment options as companies in other fields, but they make sure to utilize financial institutions that don’t restrict them. Smokea allows for payments with credit cards and digital currencies.
  • Their items seem to be of superior quality, but that’s to be expected considering that they have been selling smoking accessories for a long time, and they have the formula for making winning products.
  • Smokea has a blog, which is a major tool for educating cannabis users about various cannabis-related topics. It’s a great initiative, unlike many cannabis businesses that only focus on driving traffic to their website via media buying.

Cons of Smokea

  • They don’t have active social media pages. In this age of social media, it’s suicidal for a company to not be active on social media. It promotes both marketing and customer engagement. But then there’s the case to be made that social media networks are not very friendly with cannabis companies.
  • They don’t have an extensive range of accessories. If you are looking for small, complex items you may not find them at Smokea. Some cannabis users like shopping from a website with endless varieties of smoking paraphernalia.
  • Some customers have complained about poor tracking, but the good thing is that the items arrive fast.
  • There’s also the complaint that most of their accessories don’t come in many different colors, but cannabis users consider even color when choosing a product.


You want smoking accessories made of quality material, and that can stand the test of time, and it seems Smokea is a bankable head shop.

For what they lack in having vast smoking paraphernalia, they more than make up for it by specializing in what they have and offering quality items.

They have an advanced dispute resolution and returns center and they give your money back in case of faulty shipments.

Smokea has been around for ages. They are one of the biggest smoking shops on the net and can be relied on.

With its customer loyalty rewards program, this company seems enticing.

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