Smoke Cartel Review

It’s more convenient to order cannabis accessories online. One of the companies you may have come across is Smoke Cartel. And maybe you’re curious to see what this company is like before you give them your money.

Ever so slowly, the world is waking up to the fact that cannabis is harmless, that cannabis actually plays a role in improving health.

And people are getting woke and buying cannabis. Although still young, the cannabis economy is growing at an unprecedented level.

The consumer is spoilt for choice and doesn’t have to settle for mediocrity as it happens when a company enjoys a monopoly over markets.

One of the top online head shops is Smoke Cartel. This company is a big deal in the accessories market, but in this unbiased review, we will show you both their pros and cons.

Pros of Smoke Cartel

  • They are a pretty big online shop. Every cannabis accessory you can imagine; they have it. Whether you want bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, pipes, or bubblers, they are going to give it to you. It’s a welcome break from all these cash-deficient smoke shops popping up like mushrooms and they don’t have any stock.
  • Smoke Cartel understands that not everyone is conversant with cannabis accessories, and they have done a good job of providing details for every item so that you won’t be confused about how to use it. They even give tips to help you get the best experience.
  • Their products are top-quality, a direct result of having connections with leading accessories manufacturers. Seriously, nothing would suck more than ordering your bong, only to receive some third-rate glass that explodes when exposed to heat.
  • Smoke Cartel is not eager to make a profit at your expense. Should any item break because of their fault, you can send it back and they will replace it. The same cannot be said of some cash-strapped canna-companies who’ll simply not reply to your endless complaints that their accessory was broken when it arrived.
  • Their items are reasonably priced. The average cannabis user typically scans around for options before they give away their money and the consensus is that Smoke Cartel is affordable.
  • If you be having a complaint, and you contact their customer service desk, you will be treated with the respect that you deserve. Most companies usually have rude airheads at the customer service desk and it ends up costing them business.
  • If you have a big purchasing power, this company will reward your efforts by covering shipping expenses. Check with their website to see what orders are entitled to free shipping.
  • An affiliate program. You can make money by referring customers to this business. Most businesses use affiliate programs to grow their profits and Smoke Cartel is no exception. If you have friends who use cannabis, share with them your referral link, and you’ll receive a commission for every successful referral. If you would like to make big money you might have to spend on advertising.
  • Glassguard warranty. When you buy some glass accessories from certain brands, you are sure of getting quality glass products backed up by the Glassguard warranty. But remember not all brands offer the Glassguard warranty.
  • Extensive FAQ. They know what kind of questions and concerns to expect from their customers, and they have created an extensive FAQ page that answers all these questions, and so customers can look through this page before they proceed to submit a ticket.
  • Gifts. They have a special category for gifts to help you select the best gift for your friends and relatives who are into smoking cannabis. The items are fitted with cool, extra customization.
  • Deals. This company’s products are fairly priced, but still, they take an extra step of offering massive deals. Some of these deals include flash deals, clearance deals, and on-sale deals.
  • User-friendly interface. Their website is easy to use, and you may create an account using your social media account or by using your email. They require just basic information.
  • There’s a ton of educational material to help cannabis users understand what accessories they need, and also understand how to use these items.
  • Made in USA. There’s a political push against American companies to bring back manufacturing jobs to the US, and most smoking accessories offered by this company are made in the US.
  • The affiliate program. You may make some money on the side by referring friends and relatives to these products with your affiliate link. If you wish to make massive amounts of money, buy traffic.
  • Transparency. Smoke Cartel conducts business in a most transparent way, thus boosting customer loyalty.
  • They provide discreet shipping, and even the billing is done discreetly.

Cons of Smoke Cartel

  • This company only operates virtually. They haven’t invested in a big mall in the city where you can go hang out and admire the accessories before buying something. They are losing a substantial clientele percentage that only buys accessories out of traditional head shops.
  • They also seem to have a bureaucratic attitude of doing business. I mean, with most canna-shops, once you get your ish, that’s the end of it, but with Smoke Cartel, there is a protocol to be observed before ending the transaction. Well, some people wouldn’t consider it a downside, except for hot-blooded cannabis users like me.
  • We have told you that they will accept to replace the item if it was broken or tampered with, but that would only happen if you never messed with the product. If they realize that their product is even slightly used, boom, you lose.


If you be looking for a cool place to buy cannabis accessories like bongs, dab rigs, and grinders, Smoke Cartel most definitely fits the bill. Their shipping is fast and risk-free and their customer service is something to write home about. Smoke Cartel has been around for years and their current semi-popular status can be attributed to their transparent and non-oppressive business practices.

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