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Significance of Automatic Watering System for Indoor Cannabis Grow Facility

Indoor cannabis grow facilities have many complications, but you can ease things up by installing an automatic watering system.

Up to 80% of the cannabis plant comprises water, and so, you have to have an adequate supply, lest the health of the plant declines.

Creating an automatic watering system for your indoor cannabis growing is not as complex as you may think, especially since you don’t require any unique skills.

Cannabis plants need to be watered several times daily, but it would be such a buzzkill to have to do it manually.

Getting the Basics Right

The first thing you have to have is a water reservoir ideally seated on the outside of the grow facility. The water reservoir should have a pump that kicks into life at the appointed time.

Water flows into the grow facility and gets circulated to the cannabis plants automatically. Water runoff collects in a different bucket to avoid waterlogging the plants.

Adequate pure water is essential for a great cannabis yield.

When choosing the reservoir tank, some of the factors you must consider include size, height, and color. It should be large enough to support your automatic watering system for at least 48 hours. It also needs to be sufficiently tall and have a dark hue to shield the nutrient solution against direct light.

As for the pump, it doesn’t have to be massive. A medium pump is adequate to transfer water into the grow facility and distribute it evenly.

Benefits of Automatic Watering System

  • When the water is adequate, the harvest is massive, and more importantly, the cannabis plants are of the best quality.
  • An automatic watering system saves you the trouble of manually watering your cannabis plants and it frees up your time so you may engage in other income-generating activities.
  • This is an excellent agro-investment that saves you money in the long run.