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Should I Ingest CBD Orally?

With CBD becoming legal and mainstream, we now have massive product diversity, and these products may be administered in different ways but oral ingestion is the most common.

It’s a good thing that consumers have a wide range of products to choose from, but the fact is the method of ingestion can impact the effectiveness of a CBD product.

Whether you are taking CBD to deal with your chronic pain, anxiety, or some other health problem, it’s good that you administer it properly.

No one method of administration supersedes the rest, but it comes down to what your conditions are like.

Admittedly, most CBD products are designed to be consumed orally, and in this post, we explore the appeal of oral ingestion.

But first, how does CBD enable you to experience the amazing health benefits?

How CBD Works

The power of a CBD product is decided by its phytocannabinoid profile, and cannabinoids are the essential building blocks of the cannabis plant.

Once you ingest a CBD product, the cannabinoids interact with your body, specifically the receptors located in your central and peripheral nervous system.

And this interaction is aided by the Endocannabinoid System, a biological system consisting of lipid neurotransmitters.

The Endocannabinoid System regulates various physiological functions, including metabolism, movement, and reproduction.

Cannabinoids bind to receptors to regulate various body functions.

Oral Ingestion VS CBD Bioavailability

When choosing the best method to administer CBD, one of the factors to consider is its impact on bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the concentration of CBD in the bloodstream. Different administration methods make for different bioavailability rates.

The bioavailability depends on precisely how you administer CBD.

If you swallow CBD, it arrives in your gut and gets metabolized, thus minimizing the concentration of CBD that enters your bloodstream.

But if you administer CBD via a buccal, sublabial, or sublingual means, it makes for high bioavailability.

What is Sublingual CBD Administration?

If you put a CBD product, e.g. an oil drop, underneath your tongue, and you hold your tongue still for a few moments, now that is sublingual CBD administration.

Sublingual glands consist of a deep network of blood vessels, and this is one of the administration methods with the highest bioavailability.

Various CBD products are purposely made for sublingual ingestion.

Whether it be lozenges, sublingual drops, sublingual tablets, sublingual strips, or sublingual sprays, they all make for an amazingly fast onset of CBD action.

Apart from high bioavailability and rapid effects, this method of administration is also useful when taking a product that doesn’t agree with metabolism.

What is Buccal CBD Administration?

When a CBD product is administered buccally, it is simply put in the cheeks, whereupon it gets absorbed via the tissues lining the mouth.

The cannabinoids enter the bloodstream in their original concentration since they are not put through any chemical reaction.

And once in the bloodstream, they are carried off into the brain, at which point the binding to receptors begins.

Buccal CBD administration promotes rapid effects onset, and it appeals to people who are looking to experience quick CBD effects.

This method is also noted for its immune tolerance capabilities and is most practical in ingesting infused products that can potentially provoke the immune system.

What is Sublabial CBD Administration?

It refers to placing a CBD product between the lips and the gum. The cannabinoids get absorbed via the lining of the gum.

With this method, CBD isn’t subjected to any chemical action, and the original concentration remains unchanged.

This method appeals to those who wish for fast action onset; because it’s one of the quickest routes that CBD can take to arrive in the brain.

If you have a CBD product that irritates your tongue, you can get around this by placing it between your lips and gums.

Similarly, if you have a CBD product that gets inactive along the digestive tract, you can bypass the problem by using sublabial administration.

Is Oral CBD Administration for Me?

If you are new to CBD, you are probably unfamiliar with all administration methods, but the thing is oral ingestion isn’t for everyone.

I use CBD recreationally: ya know, CBD has medicinal value, but it’s not the same as medicine. People who take medicine must have a health issue, but that is not necessarily the case with CBD users. You may very well use CBD recreationally. Some people use CBD to fortify their immune system, enhance their brain health, and so on. They don’t require fast effects, but they can get their daily CBD dose orally, lazily, especially via infused edibles.

I don’t like the taste of raw CBD oil: raw CBD oil has an earthy, grassy, nutty flavor, and not everyone is fun of such taste. Some people are willing to miss out on the health benefits of CBD oil just because they cannot stand the taste. Oral ingestion allows you to take infused edibles, which is a perfect way of masking the taste of raw CBD oil.

I have a stressful job: if you are stuck with a manipulative boss, or are surrounded by toxic colleagues, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions. CBD can help you manage the stress. You can take infused teas and snacks to max out the effects.

I’m not looking for quick effects: CBD effects are like a poem, they can be quick and powerful, or effervescently drawn out. If you enjoy delayed action onset, you may ingest CBD orally, and it can take up to hours for CBD to be digested and released in the bloodstream.

Common CBD Products Ingested Orally

Various CBD products can be ingested orally. What will work for you comes down to your tastes, preferences, and motives.

CBD edibles: they can be cakes, gummies, or snacks, but infused edibles are tasteful and easy to consume.

CBD drinks: thanks to nanotechnology, we now have the capability of making CBD drinks like infused water, wine, beer, coffee, etc.

Capsules: capsules are made of a gelatinous shell and they enclose CBD. You can swallow them dryly or you may take a swig on your drink to wash them down.