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SEALZ Essential Kit Pros and Cons

The SEALZ Essential Kit is a top-tier storage kit for safely keeping things like gummies, candies, and capsules that you prepare at home, thus allowing you to prolong their shelf life.

The SEALZ Essential Kit comes with vacuum-sealable bags in three varied sizes, and it also comes with a vacuum device to make for easy vacuum sealing.

Pros of SEALZ Essential Kit

✔ Made of acrylics, this storage kit is designed to last for long.

✔ It can preserve the integrity of your gummies and edibles with ease.

✔ It’s designed to improve the shelf life of items five times longer.

✔ With its simple design, this kit is extremely easy to use.

✔ It comes in two different colors.

Cons of SEALZ Essential Kit

❌ Exposure to tension or pressure can ruin product form.

❌ The plastic smell can leak into the stored products.