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Sativa Marijuana Strains for Managing Tenosynovitis

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Marijuana can help you overcome the pain and swelling associated with tenosynovitis.

This disorder (Tenosynovitis) also goes by Tendon Sheath Inflammation.

Some of the common causes of this condition are infection, traumatic injuries, and autoimmune diseases.

Once you have it, your joints swell out and grow tender, and the skin in the affected part reddens.

Hands and feet are the common parts to be affected by tendon sheath inflammation.

Aside from getting therapy and swallowing pain relievers, patients are also asked not to exert strain on the affected parts.

The best thing about this condition is that the patient can recover completely within a month of treatment.

However, the ease of managing this disorder depends on how early the condition was diagnosed and treated.

If it is allowed to progress to an advanced stage, the tendons may become restricted and cause severe complications.

This condition is likely to be manifest in people with physically strenuous occupations e.g. soldiers and handymen.

Tenosynovitis will cause inflammation in your sheath, but many patients use marijuana to eliminate pain and inflammation.

Marijuana Strains for Tenosynovitis

The following sativa marijuana strains help manage the symptoms of Tenosynovitis:

1. King Tut

This strain is named after Tutankhamun, one of the last Egyptian pharaohs, and whose tomb contained dreamlike treasures. Created by the Barcelona-based breeders, Pyramid Seeds, King Tut is a rare sativa-dominant strain with THC levels hitting 25%. The strain is genetically similar to AK-47, and it produces rapid cerebral effects. It has an earthy aftertaste, and its high tends to stick around for long. This strain is ideal for daytime use, especially with strenuous activity before you.

2. Cat Piss

Cats mark their territory by pissing, and then the urea decomposes, and there’s this ammonia stench hanging in the air. This marijuana strain is called “Cat Piss” because it has a smell reminiscent of ammonia. It is descended from the legendary Trainwreck strain and most people love it for the energy boost. It may not have especially high THC levels, but it has a unique blend of cannabinoids, that enhance its potency.

3. Sunshine

This strain was developed by the Colorado-based breeders, Bodhi Seeds, and it’s noted for its uplifting and energetic highs. Its buds are massive, airy, and colorful. It is significantly tall and produces dense trichomes, thus boosting THC levels. The strain has a citrusy flavor and a pleasant aftertaste. The initial high soon wears off and you’re left coasting in an uplifted mental state.

4. Great White Shark

This strain was created by the Dutch breeders, the Green House. Named after a dangerous sea beast, it alludes to its cataclysmic effects. It creates a strong cerebral and body-encompassing high and it’s mostly recommended for people battling chronic pain. This strain grows best in an indoor setting with quality lighting and hydration. It has sophisticated terpenes and sends up a mix of skunk and tropical aromas.

5. Mango Haze

Created by Mr. Nice Seeds in the Netherlands, Mango Haze is a cross between Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights #5. With THC levels hitting 24%, it creates a cerebral high and evokes an aroma reminiscent of mangoes. It has a tropical aftertaste and fruity flavors.

6. Jack the Ripper

This strain was named after the infamous London serial killer. I mean, with its potent cerebral effects, it practically murders you (haha). It has high THC levels (26%) and triggers a quick burst of energy, helping you get through the day with ease. With its nutty aroma, citrusy flavor, and herbal aftertaste, you will enjoy every step of indulging in this strain.

7. Laughing Buddha

Created in the Netherlands by Barney’s Farm, the Laughing Buddha marijuana strain is a combination of Thai and Jamaican strains. It has a citrusy and lemon aroma, and its flavor is fruity, with a tinge of spicy. Thanks to its happy and uplifting effects, this strain is ideal for treating depression and anxiety. The buds are average-size, with a green hue, and a film of diamond-like trichomes.