R+R Medicinals Review

R+R Medicinals was started in 2017, and you will find its products in various marketplaces, including the granddaddy of online shopping, Amazon.

This company is US Hemp Authority Certified, meaning that its products are ascertained to be safe, authentic, and legitimate before hitting the shelves.

The company has complete faith in its products, which is why it provides a 30-days free trial, so unhappy customers may return the unused portion and get their money back.

The company uses premium hemp extracts to create its products, and it provides excellent customer service, which is why it attracts a loyal crowd.

Their website is well made and easy to navigate.

What R+R Medicinals Offers

Cream: hemp creams are effective at managing skin disorders, slowing down aging, and inducing calm and relaxation. You may incorporate hemp cream into your daily routine for maximum benefits.

Gummies: hemp gummies are available in different flavors and concentrations, although they make for slow CBD absorption.

Tinctures: tinctures are typically ingested sublingually. They have great potency, and they make for rapid onset of effects, thus having maximum therapeutic benefits.

Softgels: softgels are made out of gelatinous material, typically ingested orally, and they slow down the absorption of CBD.

Pet products: if you have a senior dog or cat, you may have noticed some health problems like mobility issues and anxiety which can be managed by administering CBD.

Organically Grown Hemp

R+R Medicinals uses premium hemp extracts. The farms they are affiliated with are USDA Organic Certified.

And so, their associate farmers don’t put any chemicals while farming industrial hemp, guaranteeing that the final product is 100% organic.

R+R Medicinals commits to product quality, and so, they make sure that their products are made with 100% organic ingredients.

They send their products for independent lab testing to assure their customers that their products are of the very best kind.

Amazing Discounts

In these tough economic times, discounts are welcome like water on a hot day. R+R Medicinals has a solid discount program.

Auto-shipping program: in this arrangement, you receive new packages on a weekly or monthly basis, and it not only saves you time but also affords you a 10% discount.

Referral program: when you refer a friend, both of you be entitled to a 30% discount. They will give you instructions on how to refer your friends and the program is unlimited.

Rewards program: it’s a program for showing appreciation to loyal customers. And so, you get to earn points when you shop with them, and upon accumulating enough points, you may redeem them to get discounts and so on.

Veteran program: One of the co-founders of the company is a veteran, and they extend their gratitude to other veterans with a 20% discount.

Pros of R+R Medicinals

  • Premium industrial hemp. Most products by R+R Medicinals are based on top-notch full-spectrum hemp extracts. The products are rich in flavonoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. They source their hemp from Colorado-based hemp farmers.
  • Excellent customer service. The company puts its customers first. For rapid assistance, you may reach customer support via email. Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or a complaint, there’s someone ready to listen to you and make you satisfied.
  • Superior extraction. They use the supercritical C02 method to extract CBD from industrial hemp, thus getting pure and quality hemp, which is vital in creating superior hemp products.
  • 3rd-party lab-testing. The company puts its products through 3rd party lab-testing to prove to customers their commitment to product excellence. The lab tests are available on their website and this is what be tested for: potency analysis, terpene profile, microbial analysis, heavy metal analysis, residual solvent, and pesticide analysis.


This veteran and employee-founded CBD company is sticking to the script as far as offering quality products and excellent customer service.

Based out of Colorado, they source their hemp from licensed Colorado farmers, one of the reasons why their products are 100% organic.

R+R Medicinals uses supercritical C02 extraction and their products are processed in a GMP-certified facility. Check them out.

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