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Rocket Seeds Review

Rocket Seeds is a marijuana seed bank based out of America and Canada. It serves a global clientele and has evolved over the years into a top-performing marijuana seed company.

It’s no secret that the demand for marijuana is on the up and up. Marijuana is legalized in many places in North America and around the world.

But the main factor behind the sudden shift in its popularity is the discovery of its numerous therapeutic benefits including combating diabetes and epilepsy.

Many people are giving thought to marijuana growing, and some people are growing it for private use, whereas others are growing it for entrepreneurship.

Quality seeds are essential in obtaining quality marijuana.

At Rocket Seeds, you are beyond sure that the seeds are first-rate. Rocket Seeds has operated for years, and it has built a good name for itself by offering outstanding products and services.

Important Things to Know

  • Rocket Seeds ship globally. Do you come from a region with a marijuana seed drought? Don’t accept mediocrity anymore. Just hop on Rocket Seed and start cultivating healthy and high-yielding marijuana.
  • Stealth shipping. North American customers typically receive the seeds in the original package, but for customers in other countries, stealth shipping is enforced, where they receive their seeds inside objects like flashlights, toys, pens, etc.
  • The company guarantees that its seeds have a high germination rate. But then this guarantee is sustained by the condition that you stick with their germination methods. Rocket Seeds have published a guide on how to properly germinate marijuana seeds.
  • Are you scared that they might take your money and fail to ship the seeds? If they indulged in dishonest practices, the company would have not survived all these years, as the negative PR would have been enough to warn everybody else. Rocket Seeds cares about satisfying its customers so that the customers become loyal. Customer retention is where the money is truly at (forget about stealing).
  • You need to be at least 19 years to order seeds from Rocket Seeds.

What Rocket Seeds Offers:

They have a massive offering of marijuana seeds, and the following are some of the popular ones:

Gelato feminized: with THC content hitting an incredible 27%, this strain is delicious, and conveys a potent body and mind-enveloping high.

Lambs breath autoflower: it has a creamy flavor, activates a cerebral high, and is excellent for achieving relaxation. Rumor says it was one of Bob Marley’s favorites.

Afghani regular: it causes balanced high and euphoric effects that linger around for forever.

Black mamba CBD: this high-CBD cannabis strain has tremendous therapeutic value, and thus it be popular among medical marijuana patients.

Big bud fast version: save your resources with one of the fastest-flowering marijuana seeds.

Pros of Rocket Seeds

  • The company supports various systems for accepting payments. Customers can make payments via major credit cards, cash, cryptocurrency, money transfers, EMT Interact (for customers based in Canada), PayPal, and E-Check (for customers based in America).
  • The seeds are of great quality. Rocket Seeds is renowned for offering seeds with superior genetics. They have a large menu of marijuana strains, but still producing and gathering more high-quality marijuana strains, to give growers quick access to the best seeds.
  • Outstanding customer support. If you have any problem at all, reach to customer support, they will give you quick assistance. Newbie marijuana growers are usually at sea but they can always lean on Rocket Seeds’ customer desk to make the best decisions.

Cons of Rocket Seeds

  • No money-back guarantee. I mean, what happens if you get disappointed? JJ But the good thing is that their seeds are tested and proven to have a high germination rate.


As more people start to cultivate marijuana, the correlation between quality seeds and quality marijuana has never been more apparent.

Rocket Seeds provides superior marijuana seeds to customers in North America and around the world. They have made it easy for every marijuana grower to access quality seeds.

They are affordable and they provide outstanding online support to help you make the right purchase. Check them out.

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