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Relievet Review

If you have a senior dog, they probably struggle with mobility issues, appetite loss, and obesity, but these conditions can be managed with Relievet CBD products.

Unlike other human beings, pets give us their unchanging love and affection, and we ought to give them the best life.

They have an adventurous spirit, and one moment they’ll be pacing about the house, and the next moment they’ll be raiding the rubbish bin.

If your pet picks an injury or swallows some pathogenic substance, you can almost immediately notice how the change.

But you need a perfect way of managing their condition without getting bogged by adverse side effects so that your pet becomes happy again.

Why Do Pet Owners Love Relievet CBD Products?

CBD companies are popping up around the internet like stars, and pet parents can choose from a seemingly infinite selection of companies.

But Relievet CBD has an incredible rate of customer retention and it is not for nothing; they must be getting a couple of things right.

For one, they are transparent about what they do, thus equipping customers with necessary information before they make decisions.

With 100% organic ingredients, Relievet has consistently created winning CBD products that work precisely as intended.

Relievet products have no psychoactive effects, and there’s no possibility of your furry friend exhibiting madness after consumption.

What Relievet Offers

Relievet is a young company, and its product categories are limited, but they have done a perfect job with the products they offer.

All their products have dosage guidelines, but they also provide an online dosage calculator to calculate the best dosage for your pets.

With the right dosage and proper diet, you start seeing positive changes in record time.

CBD oil: for both your cats and dogs, CBD oil is effective at managing various problems like separation anxiety and inducing calm and relaxation.

CBD soft chews: dogs love chewing stuff, and this is one of the stress-free modes of administering cannabidiol to dogs.

CBD topicals: whether your furry friend has impetigo, ringworms, yeast infection, and dermatitis, you may use CBD topicals to manage these conditions.

Pros of Relievet

  • Organic Colorado hemp. You know, some shady CBD companies that care about profit alone may use synthetic industrial hemp, and make more money, but Relievet uses organically-grown, non-GMO industrial hemp sourced from Colorado plantations.
  • Free shipping. Orders are delivered within the US for free, but outside the US, free shipping applies to orders above $100. They provide fast shipping, and customer inquiries are quickly answered by the support team.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee. The products work as intended, and you’ll notice the positive changes taking on within days, but if you not be satisfied you may ask for your money back 30 days after purchase.
  • Dosage calculator. CBD has no psychoactive properties, but if your pet consumed more than the recommended amount there would not be dramatic side effects, but that’s not to mean there would not be any side effects. An overdose can result in things like diarrhea, stomach upset, and unstable moods. But Relievet provides dosage recommendations along with an online dosage calculator to help pet parents determine accurate dosage for pets.
  • Delicious soft chews. They are organic and THC-free, delicious, with a bacon flavor, and your furry friend wouldn’t tire of consuming these.

Cons of Relievet

  • Not many customer reviews. It is to be expected considering that Relievet is a young company. But still, we always want to see vast customer reviews, so that we may understand what buyers are thinking.
  • Poor social media presence. They don’t have a sound presence on social media, which can be a bit frustrating.


This company was started by a team experienced with animals; they had spent years as volunteers in animal and veterinary facilities.

Their objective is to formulate cannabis products to help pets have a happy, comfortable, and stress-free existence.

With their hemp oil, soft chews, and topicals, they are leaving a positive mark in the world of pets and ushering in joy. Check them out.

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