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Quantvapor Review

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Premium vaporizers, grinders, smell-proof bags, and pipes; Quantvapor is one of the fast-rising cannabis companies in the US.

With steadfast devotion and innovativeness, Quantvapor is crafting superior lifestyle products to entice the cannabis enthusiast.

It’s not about functionality only. It’s about how it looks and feels too. Barrier-breaking Quantvapor products are fast becoming popular among cannabis users.

Their vaporizers have excellent design and outstanding performance. And the finishes be made of elegant materials like walnut wood and black marble.

The sleek Quantvapor vaporizers are sleek, battery-operated, and ultra-portable. There’s no room for accidental ignition or power loss as the vaporizer shuts off after a short moment of dormancy.


Accessories soup up the cannabis experience. Quantvapor has put out various accessories to maximize your cannabis fun.

  • Water bubblers are excellent for dabbing hemp flower and concentrates.
  • Water pipes enable you to take cool and filtered hits.
  • Replaceable mouthpieces are excellent for making perfect hits.


Vaporizing CBD is healthier than smoking. This method of administration also makes for the rapid absorption of CBD. Their vaporizers are excellent.

  • They have classy and striking designs that make the vaporizers stand out.
  • The finishes are done with exotic materials like black marble and walnut wood.
  • They have a touch of luxury.

Smell-proof Bags

Maybe you live in an area with a stigma for cannabis, or possessing it is against the law, and you want to stay under the radar. Get you a nice smell-proof bag.

Smell-proof bags by Quantvapor are uniquely-designed, so they don’t just serve the purpose of trapping cannabis smell but they also are a fashion statement.

They are available in diverse styles: urban stasher, red block, black magic, funky tale cross body bag, and black forest fanny pack.

Pros of Quantvapor

  • High ratings. Most customers have a high opinion of the company. For the most part, they are impressed by the product quality and customer service of Quantvapor.
  • Excellent vaporizer performance. The vaporizers are optimized for quality vapor production. They have unique designs and excellent functionality.
  • Powerful atomizer. Powered by powerful batteries, the wickless ceramic atomizer is super-efficient, enabling you to have lengthy sessions, increased vapor production, and smooth vapor delivery.
  • Charges rapidly. Some vaporizers can take forever to charge, but Quantvapor vaporizers take just 25 minutes to hit full charge. If the battery runs low, you only have to plug the USB and you’re back to play.
  • Great design. Quantvapor is not just another vaping device. Its unique design is inspired by mega yachts. It be having an ostensible and luxurious quality to it, thus it can very well be a statement in your circles.
  • Fashionable smell-proof bags. Maybe you’re traveling to a new city and you need to bring along your stash. You’ll need this bag. It’s fashionable, ultra-portable, and more importantly, the world can’t smell cannabis on you. On days you are not carrying cannabis, this bag can be a great way to carry other small items like books, or just accessorize when taking a trip around the city.
  • OLED display. It makes for easy use of the vaporizer.
  • Powerful grinders. You have to grind your flower from coarse chunks into fine pieces to enjoy smooth and amazing hits. Quantvapor grinders have powerful features that help you enjoy your dry herb.
  • International shipping. The company makes its products available to global cannabis users. However, if you live outside the continental USA, you may (understandably) have to contend with shipping delays.

Cons of Quantvapor

  • They don’t have a visually-appealing website. It’s not very badly done, but the website could use some makeover.


Quantvapor is a fast-rising cannabis company in the USA. Offering uniquely-designed vaporizers, grinders, smell-proof bags, and pipes, the company is enjoying high ratings.

Powered by superior batteries, the vaporizers yield colossal vapor. They enable you to go for long sessions and not worry about recharging.

Quantvapor offers premium products. Check them out. Vapor

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