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Proleve Review

Whether you’re looking for gummies, tinctures, topicals, isolates, capsules, vapes, or bath bombs, Proleve has got you covered.

Based out of Tampa, Florida, Proleve has been around since 2019, and they have bitten into a sizeable chunk of the CBD market.

Their product categories are impressive; their customers leave 5-star ratings, to be an indication that their products and services are reliable.

Whether your joints are aching from manual labor, or you are having a tough time falling (and staying asleep) you may overcome these problems with CBD.

Cannabidiol interacts with the Endocannabinoid System to regulate various body functions, thus helping you to have a happy existence.

What Proleve Offers

The first thing that customers look at is the diversity of the products; are there just a few products or there be many?

They have done an okay job with product diversity and they seem to have most CBD products the average CBD user is looking for.

Gummies: overcoming stress and anxiety doesn’t get easier than chucking gummies into your mouth. These gummies come in incredible flavors.

Tinctures: putting a few drops of CBD tincture underneath your tongue makes for fast CBD absorption and high bioavailability.

Topicals: if you be having skin disorders like acne and eczema, you may apply CBD topically to manage the conditions.

Vapes: some people prefer ingesting CBD through vaping devices, because it increases bioavailability, and also this method makes for the rapid exit of CBD molecules.

Bath bomb: you have not lived until you used bath bombs in the shower; it promotes calm and relaxation, and makes you revitalized.

Pros of Proleve

  • Their products have no adverse side effects. With some CBD products, there have been eyebrow-raising reports about side effects like prolonged diarrhea, migraines, and stomach upset, but Proleve appears to have no side effects, at least if you stick to the recommendations.
  • They offer both full-spectrum and isolate CBD. More people prefer full-spectrum CBD products because they provide synergistic health improvement, but in certain cases, CBD isolates may be beneficial too, which is why it’s essential to offer both.
  • Wholesale prices. If you operate a CBD retail business, you get your order at a wholesale price, so that you may have a wider profit margin.
  • It’s made in the USA. You can say anything about Donald Trump, but that fellow wears his nationality like a badge of honor, and he’s unapologetic about his America-first philosophy. Proleve CBD products are created by Americans in a GMP-certified facility.
  • Organic ingredients. They use organically-grown industrial hemp, and they also have organic replacements for flavorings and colorants, so the product is 100% organic, and it be having numerous nutritious compounds.
  • Lab-tested. The product has undergone 3rd party lab-testing to ensure that it meets quality standards. Most customers know to check for independent lab tests to ascertain the purity and consistency of the product. They also make these tests available through their online portal.
  • Reasonably priced products. Proleve does a perfect job of keeping prices at market rates.

Cons of Proleve

  • Limited social media presence. Granted, most social media companies restrict cannabis companies, but still, you gotta devise ways to have a large presence on social media.


Whether you want to relax after spending a day at your physically draining job, or you want to have a good night’s sleep, you can rely on Proleve CBD products.

They have an array of products: gummies, oils, topicals, gels, tinctures, vapes, and bath bombs, and you’ll always get something to elevate you.

With their 100% organic products, processed in top-notch facilities, Proleve CBD appears to be a pretty solid brand.

They also have a customer commitment team that ensures your concerns are resolved. Check them out.